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Model & Rapper Chynna Rogers Dead At 25 Because Of A Tragic Reason

Gettyimages | Nicholas Rhodes
By Rima Pundir

Chynna Rogers became a model when she was 14 and already all of 5'10. While campaigns came easy to her, music was her first love and she went after it with enthusiasm, calling up A$AP Yams (Steven Rodriguez) and wondering if he needed someone to follow him around for the music. Her enthusiasm was enough to win him over and her foray into the world of music began right then. Sadly, like her mentor, A$AP Yams, Chynna Rogers is also gone too soon.

Chynna Began Modeling at Age 14

Chynna Rogers / Instagram

Chynna was scouted by Ford Models at New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park, considering her 5'10 frame towered above most of the others. While she was just 14 at the time, she landed up at the office of Ford Models the very next day to sign a contract and got her first taste of the entertainment world beginning then. That very year, she walked for New York Fashion Week, and in 2015, her spring DKNY campaign was splashed across many magazine editorials.

She Introduced Herself To A$AP Yams

Chynna Rogers / Instagram

After Chynna introduced herself to A$AP Yams, and became friends with the A$AP Mob, her musical career began to take off. While A$AP Yams passed away of an accidental OD in 2015, he had a hand in launching A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg as well. Meanwhile, Chynna released her first songs online. There was “Selfie” in 2013 and “Glen Coco” in 2014, which quickly became hits, the latter even catching the eye, or rather the ear of Chris Brown.

A$AP Yams Died, But Chynna Continued Rapping

Chynna continued on towards her music even when her mentor died in 2015, and released her first EP in the same year, "I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening". Then came mixtape "Ninety", four-track EP "music 2 die 2", and another EP "in case i die first". And that was it. Before Chynna could get any bigger to do something greater, her story came to an abrupt end at 25 years of age. Her family released a statement that she would be "sorely missed", and she is survived by three siblings and her dad .

And Now, At 25, Chynna Rogers Is No More

Chynna once felt that her music was not authentic enough because she hadn't been through anything. Inadvertently, she got into drugs and stayed hooked for three years before finally turning towards sobriety. The day she completed 365 days of being sober, her mother died, but Chynna stuck on to no-drugs, saying her mother would not have liked it if she slipped. Sadly, she did slip, and her death was ruled as an accidental overdose, just like her mentor, A$AP Yams. History repeats itself, especially in the musician's world.

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