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'Tiger King' Star Carole Baskin Mourns Loss After Euthanizing Beloved Cat

By Gary Trock

"Tiger King" breakout star Carole Baskin revealed that someone who had been in her life for the past 25 years is no longer alive ... but don't get too excited, it had nothing to do with her missing ex-husband. The animal rights crusader made the announcement Tuesday through the Instagram account for her Big Cat Rescue.

Baskin explained that she euthanized one of the longest residents at the facility, a bobcat named Tiger Lilly who would have been 25 years old this month.

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R.I.P. Tiger Lilly

Big Cat Rescue / Instagram

"It is with extremely heavy hearts that we announce that today we had to euthanize our beloved baby girl Tiger Lilly Bobcat," the announcement read.

Big Cat Rescue, located in Tampa, FL, explained that Tiger Lilly would have turned 25 on April 30, but had to be euthanized due to a cancerous mass that was recently discovered.

" Today we hoped her drooling was just a bad tooth, but x-rays showed a bone mass which was most likely cancer. Not wanting her to suffer she was peacefully euthanized," BCR wrote.

Rescued From a Fur Farm

Big Cat Rescue / Facebook

Tiger Lilly had been with Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue for quite some time after being rescued from a fur farm where she would have no doubt met a grisly death.

According to her bio:

"Tiger Lilly was merely two months old when she arrived at Big Cat Rescue. She was rescued from a fur farm in Minnesota along with twenty-two other exotic cats, which included bobcats and lynx, in 1995. They were born destined to be harvested for their beautifully spotted belly fur. Tiger Lilly was the last living cat of the group that she was rescued with. She was never sick a day in her feisty, reclusive little life, until 2016 when she had some bad teeth taken care of. She had to be sedated in 2017 because she is so old and arthritic that she couldn’t groom herself anymore."

'Tiger King' Fallout


Netflix's "Tiger King" has become a gigantic hit for people looking to beat the quarantine blues, and the docu-series even made its way to the White House when it was brought up to President Donald Trump during one of his daily press briefings on coronavirus.

However, even though Joe Exotic is the one who went to prison, Carole Baskin has been painted as the main villain by many who watched the show as questions about her missing husband and true intentions with big cats were brought up. Recently, Baskin and her husband, Howard, refuted the Netflix documentary and claimed that it was full of deception and misleading themes.

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