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Fans Doubt If Jinger Duggar Is Keeping Daughter Safe During Pandemic

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil
By Ivy Pope

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo posted a photo to Jinger's Instagram of the entire family. In this photo, Jeremy and Jinger have masks on, and Felicity does not, but her doll does.

The photo is captioned to mention that Felicity did not enjoy her mask. "Week 4 of “Safer at Home”. . Lissy wasn’t a huge fan but her doll wasn’t taking any chances. Go @Dodgers ⚾️"

People immediately began to comment, that no child under the age of two should be wearing a mask. But it also made some fans worried for Felicity.

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Jinger Duggar
Gettyimages | D Dipasupil

Jinger and her husband moved to Los Angeles from Texas last summer. They took up residence in Southern Cali. and have embraced the vibes of their new hometown. They've gone to various restaurants, beaches, they've seen other sights. Now they're showing support for the city's baseball team, the Dodgers.

Jeremy confirmed that the masks are homemade, and that a friend made them. The city of LA recently began to ask everyone who was in public to wear a mask. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Jinger Duggar & Husband
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The fact that children under the age of two should not wear a mask, does not mean that Felicity was not safe in the photo. After all, the Vuolo's can surely plan their outings so that Felicity always stays at home and avoids needing a mask.

One fan commented: "Everyone "reminding" them about children under two not wearing masks...question, are all of you sight impaired? Their child is NOT wearing a mask."

And another fan wrote: "He’s obviously making a light joke, unless I see a video him shoving a mask on her face I think y’all can keep your implications. 🙄"

Jinger Duggar
Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

They are stating that the Vuolo's are probably aware of both the CDC's instructions as well as the fact their child should not wear a mask, as the mask was not on the child, but her doll. The fact of the matter is, people should not have posted the same message over and over.

Yet another fan commented on the photo, stating: "You’re true angelinos now. Stay safe out there. I’m glad we’ve flattened our curve but it’s still scary. My neighbor was just taken away in an ambulance. The first responders were getting covered into their protective equipment right in front of my house. So sad. I wonder how many of these calls they go on each day 😢"

Jinger Duggar
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In regards to people fearing for Felicity's safety, there was a photo on Jeremy's Instagram featuring Felicity and her father. He's holding a mask over her mouth, but it is not actually on her. Likely the photo was taken and the mask was then removed.

Furthermore, a big question is...

Does Jinger like Disney?! Felicity's got a Belle from Beauty and the Beast doll, and is in Mickey Mouse PJs! Maybe Jinger might embrace a tradition in LA., known as Disneyland.

The park is currently closed, and there's no real word on when it will reopen, but we hope for photos.

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