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Angelina Pivarnick & Chris Larangeria

Angelina Pivarnick Reveals New Husband Chris Larangeria Works In Sanitation?

Instagram @AngelinaMTV
By Jacob Highley

Angelina Pivarnick recently came forward in some exclusive interviews detailing how she met her husband Chris Larangeria, and how the two fell head over heals for each other.

While celebrity relationships are most commonly between two celebrities, Angelina revealed that Chris is actually a sanitation worker. That's right, her hubby's recent publicity was 100 percent a new experience for him.

Lovingly, Angelina has told interviewers that she didn't care about his career. She has posted numerous pictures and updates with the two of them together.

Continuing her interview, Angelina said, 'And he’s so cute. He’s like 6’3”, he’s jacked, he’s tan and he’s Portuguese and Italian.'

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Angelina Knew Chris For Years Before Marriage

Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeria
Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Angelina also told the press that she had been friends with Larangeria for years prior to them becoming an item. She said that he never hit on her because she was regularly in relationships with different men. (Seemingly every other week)

Chris invited her to a party at one point and the rest is history! They became engaged in 2018 and married in late 2019.

Fans were ecstatic for their wedding, and numerous comments were left about how beautiful her dress was!

Angelina Wants A Redo Of The Wedding

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

After her Jersey Shore co-stars gave 'booed' wedding speeches, making jokes about Angelina that weren't received well, the rumors about whether she would return to the show began to circulate.

Fans shared their mutual distaste for the speeches given and hoped the day wasn't entirely ruined for her.

'Those girls have always been trashy and thirsty because they’re last pick. Sammi was envied & treated just like you ♥️' - ilissae_ (commenter)

'❤️agreed i don’t do mea girls that’s some insecure ugly bs the did for likes and fame whoring' - candy_inprogress (Commenter)

Chris & Angelina Have Loving Outings

dinner table with food
Unsplash | Lana Abie

Angelina isn't the most active on Instagram, but she occasionally will post sweet updates with her and Chris doing fun activities together.

Fans have posted massive support to the couple, especially after seeing them so happy.

'@angelinamtv I love, love how you ended up being being the strongest, no matter what came at you, and much more beautiful then the 3 fake amigas! Live your life to the fullest with your handsome husband. Stay strong and keep moving forward💯💖 also, you n Lauren were the most BEAUTIFUL bride's!' - savannah_zabana (Commenter)

Angelina Had Breast Surgery

Angelina Pivarnick
Gettyimages | Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin

We aren't sure what prompted getting the surgery a while back, but Angelina posted big support for the operation after getting it done saying 'My boobies are my fave part of my body now'.

While some weren't exactly thrilled by the idea of her having work done like this, others complimented on how good the job looked.

'They look very natural' - rachyboop (Commenter)

If you are reading this Angelina, just know that we think you are beautiful, gifted and loved. Chris is a lucky guy, and we're all happy for you two!

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