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Sarah Hyland Talks About How The Women On Modern Family Impacted Her

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Savannah Pointer

Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland spent the last 11 years in the living rooms and phone screens of Americans growing up on one of the nation’s most popular sitcoms in the nation.

Hyland was highlighted by Glamour who talked about the impact that the show had on her life.

“I booked Modern Family in February 2009 after the show I was on, Lipstick Jungle, had gotten canceled,” Hyland said. She went on to explain that she had insisted on moving to Los Angeles just a few months prior but her mother had denied the request, partly due to her lack of drivers license.

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Hyland Did Shatever She Had To In Order To Move to LA


“I was determined, though,” Hyland said about the move. “I was always told that the reason I didn’t book roles in L.A. every pilot season was because I wasn’t a local hire. So in the span of a couple months, I learned how to drive, got my driver's license, and moved to California.

Hyland talked about her role: “As for Haley, I thought she was funny, but I didn’t relate to her a lot. I don’t know how she goes about life because I’m more like Claire. I think the only time I ever really connected with Haley was the episode where she's not good at cooking.”

The Actress Talked About The Changes Made Over The Past 11 Years


“…I never could have predicted we’d be on the air for 11 years,” Hyland said of the show. “You just hope you get picked up by the network to go to series, let alone become a huge success. I was even staying at a friend's house because I didn't have my own place yet.

“Looking back, I love the early days on the show. Everyone was so little! It's fun to watch … I don't know what was going on there. I know I've changed a lot, but I also feel like I've changed the least compared with my costars.”

Hyland Said The Women On The Show Had a Huge Impact On Her


“The show is a male-dominant cast, really, so the female relationships have meant so much to me,” Hyland said. “It’s been amazing to have Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara to look up to as role models because they're so funny, smart, talented, and kind. It's also been amazing to see Ariel Winter turn into a beautiful, strong, opinionated, smart woman as well. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons too.”

“Julie has been like a mother to me over the past 11 years,” the actress went on. “She is one of the strongest, smartest, most opinionated women I've ever met. But she is smart about being opinionated. There's a time and a place for things, and I'm still learning how to master that because I have no filter.”

The actress also mentioned what the other women have taught her before moving on.

The Actress Said She Was in Denial About The Show Ending


“I’m just so grateful for the last 11 years,” Hyland said. “Leading up to the finale, I was in denial and started to feel guilty that I wasn’t getting sad like everyone else. But then, during the taping of the last episode, I saw Ty Burrell with tears in his eyes. There's something about seeing your dad cry that makes you want to cry. I started bawling, which actually made me feel really happy. I was like, I'm not an ice queen! In the end, all of us—me, Ty, Julie, Ariel, Nolan—were in each other's arms and sobbing. It was really amazing and cathartic to be able to have that with everyone.”

The show’s finale aired Wednesday, April 8, on ABC.

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