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Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian's Instagram Posts Backfire, Readers Say She's 'Fake' While In Quarantine

Instagram @khloekardashian
By Jacob Highley

Khloé Kardashian received backlash on Instagram over posting pictures and statements that readers found detached from reality.

According to fans Khloé isn't being sensitive towards people's problems. After she posted about missing her 'pre-quarantine body', and sharing pictures of her staying home in a luxury mansion, many voiced their negativity over the posts.

Responses ranged from viewers upset over the staggering difference between her living accommodations and theirs, to more incredulous observances, such as the fact that Khloe has the means to get into fabulous shape any time she wants.

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Khloé Accused Of 'Fake' Body, Changes Posts On Instagram?

Giphy | T. Kyle

Others left comments about how she appears 'fake' accusing her of having surgery done to change her appearance.

While Khloé hasn't made statements against these hurtful comments on her social media, we have noticed that her latest posts have little to no descriptions.

Previous posts mentioned in other articles are now missing, and several descriptions in reference to the Coronavirus are now gone as well.

'More going on in this world then you always thinking about yourself' - robinette3698 (Commenter)

'U are so fack fans can see right threw u' - kathyjones910 (Commenter)

'Quit lying' - shavondenise9 (Commenter)

Khloé Gets Flack For Donating A Portion To Charity

people holding heart
Gettyimages | ThitareeSarmkasat

While haters aren't new to Khloé's social feeds, many readers left harsh comments about her living conditions and about how they think she isn't doing enough to help people.

This comes after it is estimated that over 30 million Americans have lost their jobs.

'Send me money then' - chrissninetysixx (Commenter)

'So you can’t even donate the full proceeds from a pair of pants, did i read that right? 👀' - shankiernan (Commenter)

'Don't ask people to spend money on your clothes so that you can give a PORTION. So, so sad.' - mello_d88 (Commenter)

Khloé Posts From Home, Criticized For Home Luxuries

Unsplash | Nick Romanov

Originally, Khloé posted about how she missed being in better shape before quarantine, though it appears she took down her original description of the posts due to readers leaving comments about it.

While her family has been staying home, she has posted several selfies showing her working out. People posted positive comments about her taking the time to workout, but didn't appreciate the complaints about her physique.

'KockyKhloe. Such a joke. The world isnt all KhloeKardashian. #8888selfies per day. #EnuffAlready!!' - hockeynthe80s (Commenter)

Khloé On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

khloe kardashian
Gettyimages | Bravo

Khloé just posted a new teaser for an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Fans loved seeing her talk about her love life and shared their excitement in the comments.

Unfortunately, even on something as simple as a video teaser for the show, haters left comments making fun of her.

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'Your a joke' - m0llyhatch3t (Commenter)

'Khloe. Can u beat somebody up. Please' - djskatterbrain (Commenter)

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