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Florence Pugh on the red carpet

Florence Pugh Offers A Message For The Trolls Who Question Her Relationship With Zach Braff

Gettyimages | Charley Gallay
By Joe Allen

Florence Pugh had a pretty great 2019. The actress starred in several movies, and was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in "Little Women." Even as she's rocketed into the spotlight, though, Pugh has also faced a few internet trolls who can't comprehend her relationship with former "Scrubs" star Zach Braff.

Braff is 21 years older than her, but Pugh has a message for any online haters who question whether the two of them are in a committed relationship.

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Florence Pugh at Comic Con
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In a video posted on Instagram in which Pugh directly addresses the camera, she wished responded to trolls who had commented on her post wishing Braff a happy 45th birthday. “On Monday I posted a photo in honour of Zach’s birthday, and I wrote a birthday message for him,” Pugh said.

She explained that she had actually had to turn the comments on the page off because things got so toxic, and said that was the first time she'd ever had to take that step.

Florence Pugh
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“It is the first time in my entire Instagram life that I’ve had to turn off the comments on my page, I have never been an Instagram page that encourages that, I have never been an Instagram page that likes that toxic vibe," Pugh said.

Pugh continued by explaining that she tries to have an Instagram presence that is light and positive. She said that she was not going to allow that kind of negative behavior on her page under any circumstance.

Zach Braff on the red carpet
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“I have only been an Instagram page that tries to bring some light and tries to be positive, and tries to make people smile," Pugh explained. “I will not allow that behaviour on my page, I’m not about that. It makes me upset, it makes me sad that during this time when we really all need to be together, we need to be supporting one another.”

She continued by saying that she was a grown adult capable of making her own choices.

Florence Pugh
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Pugh said that she did “not need you tell me who I should and should not love, and I would never in my life ever tell anyone who they can and cannot love.” She said that users who had negative thoughts about her should probably just unfollow her on the platform.

"My relationship with Instagram," Pugh captioned the post. "In true Flo fashion, wearing spot stickers and all. To those of you that this video applies to- please listen. Please learn. Being hateful is not trendy."

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