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Chelsea Houska poses for a photo

Chelsea Houska Trolled In Sweatpants Photo Because 'Pointing At Stuff' Is 'So Hard'

Chelsea Houska/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Chelsea Houska wound up getting mega-trolled this week. The "Teen Mom 2" star appeared in a photo posted to the Shop Lily & Lottie clothing brand she fronts – if you don't live inside Chelsea's Instagram, the affordable clothing label that's a branch of Lauribelles apparel is one that Chelsea influences for. The MTV face also has a full-blown partnership with Lauribelles – "guacamole poop" was all Houska could say earlier this year when her merch sold out the day it restocked.

The sweatpants snap seeing Chelsea standing in a sea of denim seems to have caused a storm.

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'Pretending She's Kim Kardashian' – Comments Don't Hold Back

Chelsea Houska in sweats looking at jackets

While The Blast's coverage of Chelsea leaning forward in stylish beige sweatpants as she viewed floor-laid denim jackets showed a positive fan response, the trolls were alive and well over on a Reddit thread entitled: "Chelsea working soooooo hard "designing" new outfits. Must be sooooo hard pointing at stuff."

Harsh. And it got harsher.

"Lol she's a joke. People can't even afford milk right now but let's all buy her overpriced stuff," one user wrote.

"She’s completely tone deaf, i used to blame randy but now i see that she’s determined to be insultingly out of touch. she sits on her couch all day, pretending to be kim kardashian while believing that her mediocre brand is something special in an oversaturated market," another wrote.

Side Gigs Making Mad Cash – User Credits Her

Chelsea Houska takes a selfie in dungaree shorts
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

A comment pointed out Chelsea's multiple – and successful – business ventures outside of her "Teen Mom 2" appearances.

"I stand by that she does the best as making side money than the others. Low skill collaborations are way more profitable than pretending you’re qualified to have a clothing or makeup line."

Together with 2016-married husband Cole DeBoer, Chelsea has a collaboration with baby and child retailer Itzy Ritzy, plus a partnership with eyewear brand DIFF. The mom of three is also the celebrity face of weight-loss brand Profile Sanford.

'LMAO This Girl Is The Definition Of Basic' – Prices Questioned

Chelsea Houska takes a selfie in sweats
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Amid more flattering remarks that saw users say they'd straight-up buy the sweats being donned, Chelsea was, however, called "the definition of basic", with a user replying that "everything on that floor" was something they'd spotted at TJ Maxx and Burlington for "like $20."

Chelsea herself has taken to Instagram recently to mark her switch from glammed-up Swiss mountain girl bombshell to slouchy sweats mode – a selfie of the star in heavily-layered and baggy sweats came with her asking for an "amen" – she got plenty from fans.

The Most-Followed 'Teen Mom' On Instagram

Chelsea Houska with Au
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Following-wise, Chelsea blows the competition out the water. The star's popularity is reflected by her status as Instagram's most-followed "Teen Mom" face – Chelsea has 5.7 million followers, with Kailyn Lowry seen next at just under 4 million.

Chelsea has been documenting her North Dakota quarantine. Videos have shown the star, husband Cole, and children Aubree, Watson, and Layne outdoors, with a recent photo showing the kids keeping busy with crafts.

Earnings seem to have paid off overall for Chelsea. Her country-style home resting on six acres of land is worth $418,000.

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