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Trump Talks 'Tiger King' During Briefing, Says He'll 'Take a Look' at Joe Exotic's Case

White House / YouTube
By Gary Trock

"Tiger King" has officially made its way to the White House when it was brought up to President Donald Trump during the daily press briefing. Trump was at the podium Wednesday afternoon during the ever-popular Coronavirus Taskforce Updates, where he and others field questions from the press and update the public on the recent news concerning everything COVID-19.

The sessions have been tense over the past couple of weeks, but a bit of humor was brought to the meeting when a reporter asked President Trump about the hit Netflix show, "Tiger King: Murder, Madness and Mayhem."

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Tiger King?!

Joe Exotic / Facebook

"One of the biggest ratings hit during Coronavirus, aside from these briefings, has been Netflix's 'Tiger King," a reporter brought up to Trump while trying to hold back a smile.

The reporter explained that the star of the show, Joe Exotic, has been asking Trump for a pardon claiming he was "wrongfully convicted" of murder for hire against animal rights activist, and former big cat owner, Carole Baskin. He also brought up that one of Trump's claimed he would talk to the President and "advocate" for his release.

'I'll Take a Look'


"Which son?" Trump asked before answering himself and saying "Must be Don ... I had a feeling it was him."

Trump said he had no idea about Exotic's sentence and asked what he was in prison for. When it was explained that he was convicted of murder for hire, the President asked:

"You think he didn't do it? are you on his side? are you recommending a pardon?"

He had a good laugh but then said, "I'll take a look," when it comes to Exotic's case. Sounds like someone is about to fire up Netflix tonight.

Joe Exotic's Plea for a Pardon


As we reported, Exotic recently filed a lawsuit against his former zoo partner, Jeff Lowe, as well as many government agents who claim set him up.

The eccentric Exotic has also pleaded for Trump to give him a pardon and has posted messages on his Facebook, which he has been active on since beginning his 22-year sentence.

"Over 100 million people in 132 countries watched Netflix's "Tiger King" and people are wondering why I am in Jail. The reason is because I would not cop to one of their murder for Hire schemes so they punished me by druming up 18 wildlife charges to make me look bad, but the worse part is how the Federal Agents and U.S. Attorneys took part in Perjury in court to get this all done. The former Federal Wildlife Director used his Government position to create an illegal monopoly for his private non-profit orginization [sic] and do this to private owners. The lawsuit I filed for 94 million against 2 Government Agencies and 5 individuals spells it out very well. What I need right now is to reach Our dear President to pardon me and make these agents and Government employees answer to perjury amoung [sic] other things like aising [sic] in the death of my mother."

Joe Exotic just may get his wish.

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