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chelsea handler

Chelsea Handler Turns Bra Into Face Mask & Reviews Books Naked!

Instagram @chelseahandler
By Jacob Highley

Chelsea Handler recently posted a new video where she converts one of her bras into a face mask. She posted the video in light of face mask shortages everywhere.

She made some colorful comments in the video saying you could take one of your bras, 'if you have big boobs' you can wrap it around your face for protection.

We're not sure how effective this solution is, but it is certainly one of the most creative. She also posted a surprise post featuring herself showing off her favorite books in the nude!

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Chelsea Shows Some Skin

woman with hand over mouth
Gettyimages | Michael Blann

Handler has shown some skin before, and this isn't the first time she has posted something so bodacious. While previous posts showed her in the bath, or in a form-fitting outfit, (or bottomless wondering why she's single) this was one of the most revealing additions to her social media profile.

The response was positive, though many could barely comment after getting melted by the 45 year old.

'💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖' - ardenmyrin (Commenter)

'Your the best. I mean hottest. You know what i mean' - brianbowensmith (Commenter)

Chelsea Has A Thing For Governor Cuomo?

gov cuomo
Wikimedia |

Apparently, Chelsea really likes New York, Governor Cuomo. She posted numerous posts about him on her Twitter and several videos about how love struck she is on Instagram.

Political agendas aside, we find ourselves loving every moment seeing Chelsea posting such cute videos!

She said she was 'getting ready for her boyfriend', that she is 'pretty hot for Andrew Cuomo', and that she likes him 'telling her what to do'.

We aren't love experts by any means, but can someone look up the definition of 'smitten'?

Chelsea Was On The Ellen Show

ellen degeneres show
Wikimedia |

In a stellar interview hosted by Sean Hayes, Chelsea answered some of the most wacky questions. Some of the questions were especially juicy. They called it 'Chelsea Blanking Handler'.

One of our favorites was her filling in the blank for, 'If I were to name a stain of marijuana after my love life, it would be blank'. To which Chelsea responded, "hit me baby one more time!'.

She also hilariously filled in the blank for, 'The craziest place I've ever had sex is blank'. Her response was 'outside a cemetery... at a funeral'.

Needless to say, she cracked the entire studio up!

Chelsea Posting Funny Videos Of Dancers!

chelsea handler
Wikimedia |

Another hilarious post from Chelsea included a male dancer showing of his at-home moves while in self-isolation. We're not sure where he learned to move like that, but it proved so sensational that multiple social influencers have taken notice.

It's like watching someone pay a random stranger 50 dollars to dance in a ballet outfit... and then see them actually do it with passion.

Ironically the dancer said he earnestly wanted to share his moves with the viewers.

Chelsea thanked Jennifer Garner for introducing her to ballet, followed by saying she felt 'transformed' into a 'sexy kitten'.

Stay tuned for more epic level news, and stay safe out there!

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