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Kylie Jenner and Kris wax figure

Kylie Jenner Picking Nose Of Mom's Wax Figure? Fans Call It 'Strange'

Instagram @kyliesnapchat
By Jacob Highley

Kylie Jenner does it again with a video that would probably be found in some kind of blooper reel during 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', but is 100 percent a real part of her snapchat.

While funny videos aren't uncommon on Kylie's social media, this is indeed a first!

Fans responded with an overwhelmingly positive response seeing it as one of the wierdest videos they've seen from her.

While still receiving the video happily, viewers did comment how 'strange' they found it.

'That. Is. Just . Strange' - crystal.bleu864 (Commenter)

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Kylie Trying To Stay Occupied

board games
Unsplash | Randy Fath

With so much free time on her hands, Kylie has been really active on her social media profiles. She has been posting cute pictures, videos, throwbacks, TikToks, and reposts.

Some of them go way back, and we love it!

Fans are flocking to her snapchat profile on Instagram with so much new activity. if you haven't had the chance, definitely check it out. While many people are posting while staying home, Kylie has been especially creative.

She reposted something that Kim Kardashian had shared on Twitter and made it into a video. Check it out.

Kylie Loves Kids!

kids playing
Unsplash | Robert Collins

Jenner posted an adorable video of the behind the scenes during a big photo session with all the Kardashian-Jenner kids. She captioned the post with 'How many kids do you want, if any?'.

Fans responded with some colorful comments. Here are our favorites:

'None after this video' - hillaryevans_ (Commenter)

'I want 17 kids' - smithawambu (Commenter)

'Not that much that’s four sure 😂😂😂' - beautybyshamill (Commenter)

'I'd like 4 but if I get the urge to have more the max is 6' - beccawatson__ (Commenter)

Kylie Is So Funny!

woman laughing
Unsplash | Gabrielle Henderson

With several weeks to a month into this quarantine, being 'stir-crazy' is becoming the norm online. People trying to do fun activities while social distancing is a trend no one saw coming.

That, and posting videos when you could run around doing makeup while chasing each other. Which was the case in one of Kylie's latest videos on Instagram.

We aren't sure who's idea it was to have practically everything pink, (and to put Sophie and Kylie in the same room) but we love it!

Kylie 'Self Made Billionaire' 2 Years Running

Kylie Jenner
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Forbes has recently named Jenner as the youngest self-made billionaire two years in a row. While not unexpected considering her net worth, it definitely shows off just how successful she continues to become.

We love every moment watching her online, and so do fans! Her social influencer status is only made more prominent by her super-star makeup/beauty brands.

If you aren't a fan of her social posts, you are definitely a fan of her products. Or maybe both.

Stay tuned as we'll be covering more of her videos! (She posted a lot)

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