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Anfisa and Jorge doing a YouTube video

'90 Day Fiancé' Anfisa Nava Introduces New Boyfriend, Says Jorge 'Can’t Stand Her Success'

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By Ona L

Anfisa Nava is not one to take an insult sitting down and soon-to-be ex-husband Jorge Nava should have known what he was walking into when he gave an exclusive interview to “InTouch Weekly”. Nava revealed his plans to divorce wife Anfisa soon after he leaves prison. Nava, who turned himself into the Arizona State Prison Complex in September 2018 had a warrant out for his arrest for Class 4 felony of Attempted Transportation of Marijuana for Sale. He believes that his wife abandoned him because he was in jail and lost a lot of weight.

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Anfisa taking a selfie

Anfisa, however, just wanted to move on with her life. The Russian-born beauty shot back at Nava “I’m surprised to see him saying that I ‘abandoned’ him,” said Anfisa. “I didn’t leave him to be with another man, I left because I didn’t want to be with him anymore. I took this time alone to heal myself. People grow apart sometimes; it doesn’t mean the relationship wasn’t genuine from the start.” Fans of the show know that Nava sometimes had a tendency to wind up Anfisa.

Anfisa and her boyfriend Leo Assaf

It was somewhat clear on the show that she was going to leave sooner rather than later. Anfisa went to America to be with Nava but quickly found out that not only could Nava not necessarily provide the life he claimed but that he lied about a lot of things including his source of income and living arrangements. Anfisa shared with the magazine that she initially stayed with Nava after his arrest because she wanted to push past their issues and support her man. Eventually she realized it wasn’t working and the two mutually decided to move on.

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Anfisa even hung in hoping that prison would change him for the better. “I was hoping the time in prison would make Jorge a better man, but it seems like he is still the same vindictive little boy seeking revenge.” Anfisa went on to share that she is a bit disappointed in how Nava has chosen to act towards her and her success. “It’s sad that he can’t stand seeing me succeed on my own.” While Nava has maintained that the reason why Anfisa and him are splitting up is because of his weight.

Anfisa and Jorge taking a selfie

Nava shared a picture of himself from prison after dropping about 130 pounds. He is looking strong and healthy but not enough for Anfisa to want to go back. In fact, she has moved on with a new man. Anfisa shared a picture on her IG account of her embracing a man in a real coupled up photo. Followers wanted to know who he was and what about Jorge? Anfisa has now shared the name of her man Leo Assaf and from his IG account it looks like he is also into fitness, speaks Russian with her and is very into his new girlfriend who made her first appearance on his account in February, on Valentines Day.

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