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Jada Pinkett Smith looks breath-taking in this photo and old age has nothing on her.

Concerned Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Says Willow’s Weed Smoking Was A Cause For Concern

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
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Jada Pinkett Smith runs a show called “Red Talk Table” with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones and her daughter, Willow Smith. The trio have shown an amazing close relationship since they began this project and since the show is all about being real, they always look forward to it.

Like many women, Jada has come face-to-face with some of her worst fears when it came to marriage, family and children. Sometimes, it feels like the fear will never go away, but only subsides with time.

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A lovely photo showing Jada Pinkett Smith dressed in a green blouse with a distant facial appearance.
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Parents are only responsible for bringing a child into the world and keeping them safe from harm. However, what can a parent do when his or her child is going towards danger with every little step they take.

Jada recently bared her soul out to her mother and daughter on her show titled “Red Talk Table” and fans were moved with emotion. The mother-of-two mentioned that she at a point, she was getting really worried about Willow’s excessive weed intake, which she knew was only going to harm her.

An amazing photo of Jaden & Willow Smith smiling beautifully for the paparazzi.
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At the beginning of the show, the trio talked about how the pandemic was negatively affecting a vast number of Americans who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and weed. Adrienne noted later on that she has been clean from heroine usage for almost thirty years and it is no doubt a thing to be proud of.

Subsequently, Jada mentioned how proud she was of Willow for toning down on the weed she smokes.

“You were always telling me, you’d be like...” before Jada could find her words, Willow responded with “gotta stop that smoking.”

A lovely photo of Willow Smith swearing a white low-cut dress with black knee-high boots to match.
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Jada continued her speech by noting that she was very worried about her daughter during that time as she knew that Willow had no idea hat she was doing to her body. She also mentioned that she felt scared because addiction has been in her family for long referencing her mother’s struggles.

Aside from Adrienne, Willow is also very proud of herself and she disclosed this during the table talk show. She revealed that for three months, she has not smoked weed and surprisingly it affected her in many ways.

A lovely photo showing Jada Pinkett Smith dressed in a shiny two-piece outfit at an event and she looks incredible.
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One thing that Willow is grateful for after she quit her weed smoking addiction, is that, it has helped to transform her social life. The songstress also noted that most times, people do not know when they are doing these things, as long as they are doing it with friends. However, there came a time in her life when it felt like all her friends had left and she was alone.

“I know it sounds cheesy but around the time I stopped smoking, so started doing a lot of yoga and I just excelled.”

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