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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Jorge Nava Claims Wife Left Him Because Of Dramatic Weight Loss

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By Ona L

The drama never stops when it involves “90 Day Fiancé” cast members. Recently, Jorge Nava from season 4 of the popular TLC show announced that not only will he be released from prison soon but one of the first things he will be doing is filing for divorce from the woman he married on the show, Anfisa Arkhipchenko. Nava is in prison on a drug possession charge and was initially supposed to do two-years. Fortunately, for him a mixture of good behavior, this COVID-19 craziness and eligibility rights has awarded him an early release.

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Fans had hoped to catch up with the couple when he was released but it looks like there is nothing to catch up with now. Arkhipchenko has made it clear she has moved on from her soon-to-be ex-husband after she shared a picture on her IG hugged up with a new man who remains nameless for now. Shortly after, Nava announced through an IG account made by his friends that he was leaving Arkhipchenko. This wasn’t shocking to fans because their relationship on the show was a total mess.

Jorge shares photo of dramatic prison weight loss

Still, fans wanted to know why the couple called it quits. During an exclusive interview with “InTouch Weekly”, Nava claims the reason for the breakup is his weight loss. He says the news of his weight loss didn’t sit well with Arkhipchenko which doesn’t make a lot of sense because she is a fitness fanatic. She even has a YouTube channel dedicated to her fitness journey; one would assume this would bring them closer together. Apparently not says Nava, who shared that she actually blocked him from calling her from jail.

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“At that very moment in time, that’s when she blocked my phone calls, and I kind of was starting to lose contact with her. She did tell me like right off the bat, like the day after, that she didn’t want anything to do with me and that it was over.” Nava, at the ending of March claimed that Arkhipchenko “abandoned” him so this is a little different from that initial story he shared. Fans of the show know that Arkhipchenko can be a little rough, but this sounded a bit much for her, after all, her heart isn’t black, right?

Anfisa and her new boyfriend

She shared her own side of the story exclusively with “InTouchWeekly” as well. “Jorge and I were on the verge of divorce before he went to prison, but once it happened, I wanted to put our issues aside and stay by his side and support him in this difficult situation.” Arkhipchenko went on to share that being in a relationship with someone on prison was just too taxing on her. “The whole time I felt like I had a weight on my shoulders that wouldn’t let me be happy. I knew I had to end it, and it would be better for the both of us, so Jorge and I talked about it and mutually decided to part ways a few months ago and agreed to divorce once he’s released. … I’m surprised to see him saying that I ‘abandoned’ him.

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Arkhipchenko shared that she was a bit surprised to read some of the things that Nava was saying about her but insists that despite what most people are saying or believing about her, she did not cheat on Nava. Nor did she leave him for another man. “I didn’t leave him to be with another man, I left because I didn’t want to be with him anymore. I took this time alone to heal myself. People grow apart sometimes; it doesn’t mean the relationship wasn’t genuine from the start.”

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