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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Perform 'Nobody But You' After Revealing Striped Mullet

Twitter @blakeshelton & Instagram @gwenstefani
By Jacob Highley

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani sent some love to their fans this week. Shelton and Stefani performed a touching performance of their song 'Nobody But You' fully acoustic.

They end the performance hoping everyone 'stays safe' and have a few laughs over Shelton's mumbling of his words.

He made good on his promise on social media once again dawning his iconic 'mullet' with a fun twist. Stefani added stripes to the look which received massively positive feedback. We've always loved this look, this meant a lot to fans!

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Fans Grateful To Blake and Gwen

grateful fan
Unsplash | Alfonso Scarpa

Fans shared how much they appreciated the duo being so positive and active on social media. With so much going on around the world, these kinds of acts of kindness go a long way.

Several comments expressed such relief to see their favorite artists cheering up others.

'fave couple ever 😍🙌🏻 thank u guys for this!!!🥰' - maddieebrookee (Commenter)

'Enjoyed that. Thank you both 🙏' - allard.deb (Commenter)

'still crying ❤️🤧' -gwenstefani_gx (Commenter)

'Y’all done good 🇺🇸' - carolynb45 (Commenter)

'This was AMAZING! You guys did so good!!! 😍💕😍💕' - msjennblythe (Commenter)

'The Voice' Continues

Giphy | The Voice

Despite what many thought would be a much longer hiatus or postponing of the show, 'The Voice' has resumed airing with a spectacular resurgence in activity.

Yesterday Blake posted telling fans to tune in to see the next amazing music performances. Many of us fans of the hit show have been in eager anticipation to see the next episodes.

It is expected that we should see quite a few more episodes with the judges' teams squaring off to take home the win.

'Our Country' On CBS

Wikimedia |

Another announcement was made this week in regards to the 'Our Country' performance that will take place on the ACMAwards on CBS. This has long been one of music's best platforms to showcase incredible talent.

It really is 'the best of the best' and we can't wait to see Blake's performance!

'I will definitely be watching all the artists that will be performing! Thank you CBS. I saw the ones on FOX, and then on FOX Nation. It is nice to see that other channels are climbing on board. Thank you to all!❤️❤️❤️' - bobbiet96 (Commmenter)

Blake & Gwen On The Jimmy Fallon Show

gwen stefani and blake shelton
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

It was recently announced that Shelton and Stefani will be featured on The Jimmy Fallon Show (From Home Edition) around April 13. The show is famous for its comedy, warmth and unusual way of filming the interviews.

We assume they will be discussing their latest music works, concerts/tours, and their activities while staying home or social distancing.

Previous notable featured guests include Lady Gaga and Tim Cook.

It is good to see Blake and Gwen staying active and having fun online. We can't wait to see more!

Stay tuned for more awesome news!

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