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'Pump Rules' Star Lala Kent Looks Back On Feud With Raquel Leviss, Admits She Doesn't Have A 'Mean Bone'

Lala Kent was seen going after Raquel Leviss during a recent episode of _Vanderpump Rules and during her appearance on Andy Cohen's late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, she looked back on their intense drama.

As fans saw, Kent spoke to Leviss in an extremely condescending manner on the show last week and suggested she get in her place.

Now looking back, Kent seems to be admitting to being a bit harsh with her co-star on the series.

Raquel Leviss Doesn't Have A 'Mean Bone' In Her Body

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"Watching the episodes back, of course, I was like, all right, I know Raquel is this sweet girl and she doesn't have a mean bone in her body ... at the time I was just coming off of her talking about my dad being an excuse and then I felt she was minimizing sobriety, so I was just so triggered," Kent explained.

While viewers of the series took aim at Kent for her bullying behavior on social media after the show aired, Kent seems to believe she had a valid excuse to mistreat Leviss.

Lala Kent Felt Disrespected By Raquel Leviss

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According to Kent, she was highly offended by the way in which Leviss spoke about her decision to get sober and her dad's death last year and felt that she was not giving the two issues the amount of respect that they deserved.

"[Those are] two very important things in my life I felt like she was treating like they were minuscule," Kent shared on Cohen's show on April 7 as her fiancé, movie producer Randall Emmett, sat beside her.

Lala Kent Regrets The Way She Treated Raquel Leviss

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While Kent seemed to double down on her poor treatment of Leviss on Instagram days ago, she said on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday that she actually regrets how she acted towards Leviss.

"Yes I regret the way I treated her. We've moved above and beyond to make things good in our little friendship that we have now. I could have toned it down a lot," Kent confessed.

Leviss was added to Vanderpump Rules in a full-time position last year after dating cast member James Kennedy for about four years.

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Kent and Leviss may not be the best of friends but currently, after filming the drama-filled eighth season of Vanderpump Rules last summer, they seem to be on okay terms with one another as Kent and Leviss' boyfriend, Kennedy, continue to promote their latest song, "Playboy Bunny" on each of their Instagram pages.

To see more of Kent, Leviss, and their co-stars, don't miss new episodes of the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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