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Is 'Big Brother' Season 22 Still in the Works?

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By A. Elise

With concerns about COVID-19 lingering, many television shows and films have had their release dates pushed back. Some have even been scrapped entirely. Fans of CBS reality show Big Brother have wondered if the show will can its 22nd season, which is set to film and air this summer.

Rumors persisted yesterday that the show was cancelled, but casting director Robyn Kass posted some recent tweets that leave fans thinking that perhaps the show will go on as scheduled in a few months.

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On April 3, Kass reminded Twitter followers that the deadline to apply to be on Big Brother Season 22 of the show was coming up. She included a link to the application and implied that casting directors would still be traveling and looking for players to be on the show. She also alluded to the potential for open casting calls in cities around the nation. She continued to post about the upcoming deadline, and she even posted on April 5 to remind people that applications were closed.

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Many people commented in response that they had assumed that the casting process would have been cancelled or postponed. In fact, Kass had posted on March 10 that this was the case. The post says, "All casting calls for Big Brother in the upcoming weeks have been postponed for the time being." Kass still urged potential contestants to apply online.

This implies that the season is still expected to film but that there could be a delay in production and filming.

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Fans of the show believe that the show's production could go either way. For instance, some recognize that TV shows are not in production right now, so there will be many holes to fill in the schedule. Could Big Brother step in to fill that role?

Those who are less than optimistic about casting as social distancing continues suggest that the show will not film, but rather that CBS will air reruns of shows. Some suggest a season of The Amazing Race may air.

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Season 8 of Big Brother Canada was cancelled after it had already begun filming and airing. The show premiered on March 4th, and the drama was already amping up. Two contestants were ejected from the house by production, one self-evicted, and another was considering self-evicting. The pure chaos came to an end when producers announced to the cast that they would be ending the season early due to restrictions on non-essential workers in Canada during the global pandemic.

Some fans are calling a reboot of the season, but an announcement has not yet been made about the future of the Canadian version of the show.

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