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'Schitt's Creek' Finale

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By Ivy Pope

Schitt's Creek came to an end and it did end happy. The Roses, which is made up of David, Alexis, Moira and Johnny, continually evolved but did not lose who they were after they lost their fortune. Which is a very nice twist to the old tale.

According to the IMDb plot summary of [Schitt's Creek]: "Johnny and Moira Rose are nouveau riche, their wealth largely from Johnny's video store empire, the second-largest in North America. With that wealth, Moira was able to put her life as a daytime soap-opera actress behind her. As they have always led a garish life of excessive wealth, their now-adult offspring, David and Alexis, have been spoiled, not knowing anything but having whatever they wanted handed to them on a silver platter their entire lives, and not having had to work a day in their lives. Their collective lives change when out of circumstance they end up broke except for the one asset Johnny bought for David years earlier as a joke: a small backwater town called Schitt's Creek. The Roses are forced to move there, initially living in the Schitt's Creek Motel. The town's founding family, the Schitts, still largely control the town in their seemingly unsophisticated ways. The Roses do whatever they can to find a way back to their previous life, but in the meantime have to try to eke out a life in their new home, which is totally outside their sensibilities."

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The show ran for six seasons, and while the ending was happy, it might not have been one that fans were expecting. David Rose (played by Dan Levy) did not end up with the person that he thought he would. He did not even end up in the city or the job he thought he would have.

It seemed like he'd have everything, but even then, the Rose Apothecary owner learned that what he wanted was not what would truly make him happy. This was a sign of true growth for David, and he learned to stop planning ahead and go with life as it came.

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He did not get the dream venue, nor the officiant he wanted, and the weather was pretty bad, but he quickly realized that the wedding was not the most important thing in the world. The marriage was.

Patrick is the most sensible person that David has ever dated. Patrick's ability to go with the flow, even when there's a misunderstanding that leads to a really happy ending that well, you might not want your fiance to get on their wedding day, he still went with it. That calming influence is everything David ever needed in his life, and more.

Dan Levy
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Patrick's vows were in song, "You'll Always Be My Baby", by Mariah Carey. David made sure that his vows got it across that he definitely knew he had a good thing, and he knew he couldn't do better. Even if it isn't what he would have wanted, six years prior.

"I've never liked a smile as much as yours. I've never felt as safe as I do when I'm with you, I've never known love like I have when we're together. It's not been an easy road for me, but knowing that you will always be there for me at the end of it makes everything okay, Patrick Brewer, you are my happy ending."

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But for all you fans who want to know what happened to everybody else, well, Johnny and Mira got the happy ending that they had seen for themselves, or something close to it. The two of them returned to the city, got the careers they wanted in business and entertainment.

Alexis, she was always being swept up off of her feet by rich boyfriends or abandoned, she learned to stand on her own and built her own career without help.

Stevie stayed the same. However, she became the proprietor of the Rosebud Motel. She did this by choice, not because she inherited it.

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