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Mike Tyson Wants You to 'Wash Your Damn Hands' With New Pandemic T-Shirts

Mike Tyson / Instagram
By Gary Trock

With the world still trying to flatten the curve of COVID-19, celebrities are getting on board with letting people know the best practices to keep themselves germ-free. One of the easiest ways to battle the growing pandemic is to keep fresh and clean, and Mike Tyson has a creative way to get the message out to the masses.

The Baddest Man on the Planet has unveiled a new line of T-Shirts, through his Tyson Ranch company, aimed at keeping everyone 'Rona-free ... by reminding people to "Wash Your Damn Hands."

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Wash Dem Hands

Mike Tyson / Instagram

The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion released his new shirts on Tuesday, which include the preferred practice for people to wash their hands during the coronavirus pandemic. The instructions even include the important end step of turning off the faucet with the paper towel, which many forget to do after a scrubbing session.

Along with a $35 tee, Tyson is also offering up a crewneck sweatshirt and hoodie which are listed at $50 each.

The champ announced that the proceeds from his pandemic clothing collection will be donated to the World Health Organization during the fight against COVID-19.

"Proceeds will be donated to @who to help our frontline medical warriors! Get yours now and help us help support. Together we fight," Tyson wrote on Instagram.

Check Out the Merch Here

Helping Out

Mike Tyson / Facebook

Mike Tyson has been actively trying to help out those in need during the global crisis, and along with the shirts he also launched another fundraiser with Standing United to help those in need who may have lost their jobs or are struggling with addiction during the pandemic.

"Your donation to Standing United will help support a relief fund set up for those fighting for survival at the lowest point of their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with Standing United’s ongoing commitment to support the homeless and those struggling with addiction, donations raised will be allocated towards helping families who recently lost jobs, and also ensure proper care and essential items for the elderly and underprivileged," the champ wrote on Instagram.

He explained that "Standing United has been making a huge impact for years while helping hundreds of people overcome homelessness and addiction by helping them get their lives back on track with jobs, housing, food, clothing and treatment for substance abuse when necessary."

Staying Connected

Along with supporting those in need, Tyson has also been adapting to the new way of creating content as most entertainment productions have been put on hold during the quarantine.

Instead of idly standing by, the former heavyweight champ launched a new digital series, "Safe Distance with Mike Tyson," where he has 1-on-1 interviews with celebrities to talk about how they're dealing with the pandemic.

He recently sat down with world-famous illusionist David Blaine to get the magician's take on the things ... and of course, bring some much-neeeded levity by showing off a card trick!

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