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This Is How Katy Perry Is Having A Healthy Pregnancy Despite The Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | Daniel Pockett
By Rima Pundir

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced that Baby Perry was going to be a girl on April 3 on their social media, using Bloom’s pink whipped-cream-covered face as the announcement pic. Like with all celebrities, Bloom and Perry are staying put at home and ensuring theirs is as healthy a pregnancy as it can be during times of the Coronavirus pandemic. While it is tough, it can be done, because self-isolation is the only defense and offense we have against Coronavirus.

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Bloom & Perry Are Taking It Easy

Katy Perry / Instagram

One of their close sources spoke to Hollywood Life and said that Orlando Bloom is doing his best to put Katy Perry at ease about anything and everything related to pregnancy. He is also the father of 9-year-old Flynn (with ex-wife Miranda Kerr) so he has been through it all before, though this is Perry’s first pregnancy. The source said, “Bloom loves that he is letting her experience everything on how it all comes about” and the couple are making the best of it all.

Bloom Wants Perry To Enjoy It All

Katy Perry / Instagram

According to Hollywood Life, the source said, “Orlando is not in any way treating it like he is a know it all because he already is a father, he is putting all the focus on whatever Katy needs and wants and they are enjoying the process and are without a doubt monitoring Corona but that isn’t getting them anxious. They are enjoying the whole pregnancy and not putting any negative thoughts to it all.” The duo are expecting their bundle of joy sometime this summer, and hoping things would be better by then.

Healthy Food, Yoga & Long Walks Are Key

Katy Perry / Instagram

Of course, these are anxious times, and it is but natural for any mother, especially a first-time one, to worry about the health and well-being baby. But both Perry and Bloom are trying to stay as positive as they can, and Perry is eating as nutritiously as possible to keep her immune system in the best of health. The couple also take walks along their estate and do yoga together. Perry is also doing a lot of pre-natal yoga and feels absolutely ready to meet her little baby girl.

They Will Tide Through It All

Katy Perry / Instagram

The couple is an old hand of tiding over bad patches considering they broke up once before getting back together, stronger than ever. Their love story began in 2015 post which they took a break in 2016. By 2017 they were back in the love game and Orlando Bloom went down on bended knee on February 14, 2019 with a “blooming” ring. By March 2020, Perry announced her pregnancy and the couple raced back to be home together during the Coronavirus lockdown. Now, they are just waiting to meet baby Perry…

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