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Marlo Hampton looks gorgeous in this shimmery blouse, paired with a ripped black skirt for a night out.

Marlo Hampton Has Warmed The Hearts Of ‘RHOA’ Fans With Her Story!

Gettyimages | Prince Williams
By Favour

Through the years, Marlo Hampton has been an amazing presence on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” show and fans love her for being herself. However, fans are loving her more presently because she opened up on a challenging past that proves that she is a strong woman who will never give in to pressure.

On the show, Hampton has shown her love and passion for fashion, drama; like they all do, romance and so on. Fans have also often wondered why she is yet to become a full housewife.

An amazing photo of Marlo Hampton rocking a see-through blouse and a black leather pant.
Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Although fans love Hampton for her amazing fashion sense, they have never agreed with her behavior on the show. Some have even outrightly criticized the television personality for exhibiting shallow behavior. This is to say that she does not have it all.

However, Hampton warmed many hearts on the show recently when she opened up and showed a very different perspective of her life that they had never seen before. She talked about her goals and life-long dream which did not happen per say.

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Porsha Williams hosted and event, which is the first of its kind and it was geared at bringing women going through different phases of motherhood together. At the event, every woman would be required to share their fears with other women to feel closer to each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

Hampton attendees this event and revealed how she went through two unsuccessful pregnancies that put her in a very difficult place in life. It was really sad for viewers of the show as they never knew Hampton had been through a lot.

A lovely photo of a sleeping baby with its arms and legs folded under its stomach.
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Tanya Sam also shared a touching story about how difficult it was for her to get pregnant, but fans were majorly moved by Hampton’s story. She disclosed that she got pregnant two different times, but they ended up in miscarriages.

“I love children. I have 16 nieces and nephews, of course, how would I not want a child of my own?” She said.

Since pregnancy was not forthcoming for Hampton, she decided to hear her strength towards something else and now, her lovely nephews are enjoying motherly love from her.

Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Hampton mentioned that being more than an aunt to her nephews have her a sense of purpose in life and she enjoys every bit of it. She also went on to say that the kids coined a name for her called “mumpty.” She said that it was a mixture of mom and aunty and she loves it when they say it.

After watching her touching reveal, fans were moved and commended her for baring her heart out to everyone. They also encourage her to become a full housewife on the show.

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