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A lovely photo of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira on stage at the Super Bowl 2020.

Would J. Lo Be Married Already If Coronavirus Hadn’t Shut The World Down?

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Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez have managed to keep fans glued to their social media pages as they only exhibit cuteness nonstop. The duo have been a love inspiration for many people in the world and it is amazing to watch them grow into lovely partners and parents.

People always say that finding love is not easy, but when it happens, there is something inside you that feels and knows that this love has come to stay this time around.

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A lovely photo of Jennifer Lopez at an event and her table is filled with different dishes and wine glasses.
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Since the pandemic broke out of course, Lopez has been quarantining with her man and kids and so far, fans have enjoyed every video they shared. Lopez has even become TikTok famous after joining the #fliptheswitch challenge on the app. Thousands of fans likes and commented on the video, saying thy it was the best they had ever seen.

Also, Rodriguez proved to everyone that eh had been learning one or two things from his fiancée as he wines his waist in the video, wearing her white dress.

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing in this photo, even without makeup.
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Speaking about her marriage plans to Rodriguez, Lopez recently opened up and fans are shocked. According to the actress and singer, they would have gotten married already, had the pandemic not taken place. She also mentioned that her wedding plans were halted when the pandemic broke out and that is just sad.

Fans have been waiting for the moment Lopez would walk down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams and it seems like the pandemic has robbed them off that chance temporarily.

Speaking about the issue, Lopez, who appeared on an online version of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” mentioned that the virus breakout interrupted her nuptials plans a bit and like many other brides-to-be out there, she is waiting to see how everything goes down in a few months.

The 50-year-old actress mentioned that as far as dates are concerned, she has no idea what will happen, but for now, they are enjoying the quarantine time together and hoping that things would work out well soon.

A lovely photo of Jennifer Lopez and her daughter, Emma Maribel Muñiz in stage singing beautifully.
Gettyimages | Elsa

Still speaking about the wedding plans, the host of the show, known as Ellen DeGeneres jokingly suggested to the singer that she puts plans in place for a TikTok wedding.

However, Lopez mentioned that it will have to be thought about, as she cannot make any commitments. If Lopez considers a TikTok wedding, will you attend? Online of course.

Lopez and Rodriguez dated for close to two years before he proposed in March 2019. The singer shared this awesome news in a post on Instagram and fans were psyched.

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