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Fans Are Unleashing On Kylie Jenner for Allegedly Paying $75,000 A Night At NYC Hotel

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Marisa Roman

With a reported net worth of around $1 billion, spending $75,000 a night on a hotel is likely just a drop in the bucket, right? Kylie Jenner, the 22-year-old beauty-mogul received some flack from fans for the amount of money she dropped back in 2019 on a hotel room. While it isn’t really anyone’s business what Jenner spends her money on, fans have been sounding off not only on the amount she spent but also with how underwhelming the room was for that price tag.

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Kylie Jenner - IG

While Jenner is no stranger to dropping large amounts of money on things, fans have been giving her grief for what she paid in 2019 on a hotel room in NYC. Jenner, who was attending the annual Met Gala, one of the most exclusive and fashionable events of the entire year, ended up dropping $75,000 a night for a hotel room at The Mark Hotel’s Grand Penthouse. This was where the young mogul and sister Kendall Jenner, ended up getting dressed for the gala.

The Mark Hotel

The Mark penthouse clocks in at over 10,000-square feet, and has been dubbed the largest penthouse in the country, featuring 26-foot ceilings and four fireplaces throughout. You can even sit outside on the terrace overlooking both Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But while the penthouse sounds lavish and entirely worth the price tag, fans were a tad bit underwhelmed with what they saw. One fan wrote, “Idc how rich I am, I would never spend this much on a room, 😭.”

The Mark Hotel

The rental itself, designed by famous French interior designer, Jaques Grange, is extravagant, to say the least, but it is quite simple in approach. One fan reacted by saying “Visually it’s not amazing, but I’m sure the price comes with mad perks, 🤯.” Perhaps Jenner’s fans were underwhelmed by the penthouse photos based on the price itself, but this suite includes 2,500-square feet of rooftop terrace space, boasts 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, plus takes up the top two floors of the hotel.

Kylie Jenner - IG

One fan ended up commenting on the rental, “I just feel like being a billionaire shouldn’t be an excuse to make radical decisions like paying almost a hundred thousand for one room. I’m sure there are rooms just as nice for a MUCH cheaper price. You’re a billionaire, good for you, you don’t need to remind us/yourself this way. We already know and we’re proud of you. Idk man, maybe I’m just bugging. And I don’t wanna tell her how to spend her money but yooooooo 75k is a lot of money for a hotel room.” While the price tag for one night does seem exceptionally high in many regards, shouldn’t a grown woman be able to make her own financial decisions? Sound off in the comments section.

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