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A lovely photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton taking a stroll on a large field and their faves are brightened with laughter.

Prince William’s Attraction To Kate Middleton Increased Because She Was Athletic

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Kate Middleton and Prince William may have to go through struck rules because of their royal lives, but that does not mean thy they are not romantic when they want to be. The duo have been lovers since forever and it all started in College.

90% of coupes today have one or two things that attracted them to their spouses. Some may sound funny, but that is what intensified the attraction and it should be respected at all cost. Don’t you think?

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A lovely photo showing Prince William laughing hysterically while holding a gift bag.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton enrolled into college in 2001 and according to reports they had reportedly gotten acquainted before that time. Moving on, the prince got very interested in his wife because she would always wake up in the morning for a long run.

Does Williams like sport now? Who knows, but that is what attracted him to Middleton and he decided to get to know her more. Till date, Middleton stills shows off her athletic side and it is safe to say that the attraction is still present.


A royal biographer known as Katie Nicholl revealed that Middleton and William first met way before they got into College. Apparently, they were introduced to one another by a mutual friend when Middleton was still attending Marlborough School.

Obviously, none of them thought at that time, that they would ever become an item, not to talk of becoming a couple with children. So, we have Middleton’s athletic side to thank for igniting a fire in William. A fire that has not been quenched for years now.

A lovely photo of a woman working out intensely.
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After watching Middleton go on her daily exercise routine for a while, William gathered courage to ask Middleton to sit with him and his friends in the dinning hall.

Middleton was known as the prettiest girl in school a week after they enrolled, so, William did get a catch.

According to the couple, during an interview, they did not start developing feelings for one another until the second semester. Williams watched his wife walk a runway in a see-through black dress and at that moment, he made up his mind to be her man.

An amazing photo showing Kate Middleton in her track outfit about to run a relay race.
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After the runway event, a small party was held by the organizers and William was present. He made his way to Middleton and planted a kiss on her lips without hesitation. Middleton was shocked at what he had done as she was seeing someone else already, so she pulled away.

As time went on, when she finally knew how the prince really felt about her, she started getting accustomed to it. Although when they finally started dating, they had to go through two different breakups, but all that was worth is as they are now married with three lovely kids.

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