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Dana White Secures Private US Location & Island To Keep Hosting UFC Fights

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By Mario Perez

Dana White, the president of UFC, has never been known for using conventional methods while running his business. These days with people stuck at home he figures that hosting a live event can literally allow his company to obtain massive rating numbers. The logic is very simple, there is nothing else to watch on live TV. So sports fans are going to be tuning in.

To be able to do this though, Dana White has allegedly secured a location in the United States where he will host fights between American fighters. For international fighters, he will have another venue.

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What Is the Plan?

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This seems like something out of a movie. The typical martial arts movie where Jean Claude Van Damme takes part in a tournament in a remote location. This is what Dana had to say about his plans.

"This place where this fight is going to be on April 18 I have locked up for two months, so I'm going to continue to pump fights out. I also secured an island. I've got an island. The infrastructure is being built right now. We're going to do all of our international flights on this island."

No Fans

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By all accounts, the fights are going to be hosted without the presence of fans. That being said, even though mixed martial arts is a one on one sport the athletes come in with a team of trainers. Also, the venue would have to have medical personnel on hand.

This could be one of the things that could end up being very challenging. Especially for fights on a remote island. Can White guarantee that athletes taking part in these fights will get the proper medical help if they need it?

COVID-19 Testing

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As was mentioned before safety is a major concern. One of the questions that White was asked, was whether or not athletes were going to get tested for COVID-19. He did not confirm or deny whether this would be the case. He instead mentioned to ESPN

"Health and safety is something we worry about all the time, not just during the coronavirus," White said. "Obviously, this has made our jobs a little tougher, but we're going to do everything above and beyond to make sure everybody is safe, just like we always do. A lot of things will be different."

Is This Legal?

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Another one of the questions that some people have has to do with the legality of the whole ordeal. By all accounts, the US government is allowing TV networks and other companies to broadcast live events. Just last weekend wrestling fans where treated to a fan-less Wrestlemania.

Of course, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Local government in the undisclosed location will have to green-light the project. As things stand right now Dana White is confident that UFC fights will return next weekend!

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