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According To Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Trump's COVID-19 Task Force Is 'Clueless'

Gettyimages | Scott Olson
By Ben Robinson III

Most Americans are now beginning to adjust to the recent changes the COVID-19 coronavirus has made to our daily lives. And for those still indecisive about the severity of the global pandemic they need look no further than at the hordes of people walking around with masks and gloves while securing supplies for their self-isolation. Or the once thriving cities that have become ghost towns in the aftermath of suggestions and ordinances by city officials to ensure everyone's safety by telling people to stay home.

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A Worldwide Crisis

Throughout the country the number of cases are piling up by the thousands and the death toll continues rise towards staggering numbers. Right now, one of the hardest hit states is Illinois with over 12,000 confirmed cases, including over 5,000 in the city of Chicago. And as of this morning a new report has come out claiming that of the cases in Chicago a large majority of them are African American. And Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot was quick to offer her thoughts on the current widespread pandemic.


"A Call To Action Moment"

ABC 7 Chicago reports;

More than half of the COVID-19 cases in the city of Chicago are African Americans, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and city health officials announced Monday. "This is a call to action moment for all of us," Mayor Lightfoot said. "When we talk about equity and inclusion, they are not just nice notions. They are an imperative that we must embrace as a city."

In the wake of this unfortunate news Mayor Lightfoot also gave her thoughts about how the current administration under Donald Trump's leadership is handling the pandemic and she did not mince words.

"Wreaking Havoc At The Local Level"

Prior to a phone conversation with Vice President Mike Pence Mayor Lightfoot spoke with Rolling Stone for a very candid interview.

It seems like they’re really clueless about what the realities are on the ground in cities and states. All kinds of towns and localities don’t have large and robust public-health systems and resources like we do. What [the White House] has been doing and not doing has been wreaking havoc at the local level.

Mayor Lightfoot also revealed exactly what she would like to see from government leaders in response to this viral outbreak.

Unsplash | Fusion Medical Animation

"Just Tell Us The Truth"

Somebody speaking who knows what they’re talking about as the lead voice, number one.

Look at what’s happened in red states and blue states. This isn’t a partisan thing; it shouldn’t be. When you’ve got the governor of Georgia basically saying I’m waiting for word from [Trump] to tell me what I need to do, then and only then am I going to do something. Then you’ve got people when Trump says, “What about this chloroquine thing?” people translate that into something it’s not, take a massive quantity of it, and kill themselves.

We need somebody who is honest. Just tell us the truth. Follow the science, follow the data, tell us the truth. If you don’t have the stockpile, just tell us.

For more up-to-date information about COVID-19 check out the CDC's website here.

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