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Tyra Banks poses wearing a hat and men's blazer

Tyra Banks Promotes Body Positivity After Weight Gain

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Natalie Hunter

Tyra Banks always finds a way to be on top even in the face of adversity. According to HollywoodLife, Banks recently shared in an interview that she gained 25 pounds and that she is not ashamed of her weight gain. The pounds came back on after she did a photoshoot with Sports Illustrated in May 2019. Since then, Banks has been working to get ModelLand up and running and the stress has understandably caused her to turn to her cravings.

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Banks opened up about her weight gain with Harper's Bazaar.

“Right now, you can’t tell because I have on a men’s blazer, [but] I am 25 pounds heavier than I was on the cover of a very famous swimsuit magazine that came out last year,” she said in the video, titled "Everything Supermodel Tyra Banks Eats in a Day." “It’ll come off one day. But not today.”

She then got into her in-depth, almost pornographic, description of her favorite food and snack cravings.

Giphy | America's Next Top Model

She shared her indulgent breakfast with coffee and bagel with a cream cheese "moat." For lunch, sometimes she'll settle for snacks like sesame bars, cauliflower puffs, and licorice. She added, "or, sometimes I want them all at once. And so for the rest of the afternoon, I open bag after bag, and eat them one by one. Until there’s like, nine bags in front of me and I feel disgusting.”

For dinner, she and “my son and my man" enjoy ordering take out.


“I have a very interesting relationship with food,” Tyra said getting real. “I have to say that it is one of the most important things in my life. A lot of my personal life, and the things I like to do, and my hobby is food. Finding new restaurants, doing a challenge where I can’t go to the same restaurant again for six months. Finding food festivals. I love a supper club. [Food] is a true, very important thing to me.”

Giphy | America's Got Talent

Banks's foodie tell-all comes after she had to postpone the opening of ModelLand due to the pandemic. “In light of the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and California Governor Gavin Newsom, we have decided to postpone the opening of ModelLand,” ModelLand reps said a statement to Variety.

ModelLand is “Infused with breakthrough empowerment and ideologies of self-love, ModelLand combines the glamour of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ the whimsy of Willy Wonka, and the magic of Disneyland, to make both fashion & beauty a fun, theatrical, and empowering experience for all.”

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