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Mindy Kaling's assistant, Elena Dole, recently revealed what it's like to work for the former star of "The Mindy Project."

Mindy Kaling's Assistant Tells All

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By Brenda Neugent

Most of the world first got to know Mindy Kaling on the sitcom "The Office." She played Kelly Rajanigandha Kapoor on the sitcom, and was first introduced in the second episode of the show's first season, "Diversity Day." In that episode, she famously slapped boss Michael Scott across the face. Kaling worked with longtime friend - a short-lived romantic partner B.J. Novak as a writer on the show. Novak played Ryan Howard on the show in a role that mirrored their real-life relationship.

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Kaling's a Workaholic, Assistant Says

Unlike the characters she's played on TV, Mindy Kaling works every day, says her assistant, Elena Cole.

Recently, Kaling's assistant Elena Cole revealed what it is like to work for the funny lady. According to Cole, who spent her first day on the job on April Fool's Day of last year, Kaling is a hard-working woman, very unlike the characters she's played on TV, such as Mindy Lahiri 'The Mindy Project,' her first project after seven seasons on 'The Office.' Said Cole in an interview with Bustle, "She truly works every single day. I don't know if people realize she’s not just like Mindy Lahiri or Kelly Kapoor."

Dole's Work Reflects Kaling's Busy Life

Mindy Kaling's latest project is "Never Have I Ever." She is a co-creator, writer, and producer on the show.

"My role is like the switchboard for every avenue of her life," said Dole of working for Kaling, the mother of a 2-year-old daughter, Katherine. (Howard is the toddler's godfather. The child's father is a secret, including from close friends.) "One day, I’ll be talking with a line producer of the show, while also texting her publicist, e-mailing her social media team, and booking flights for a trip, all while reading a script." Prior to the coronavirus quarantine, they worked from a Warner Brothers office.

Kaling Spends As Much Time As Possible with Her Daughter

Mindy Kaling is the daughter of 2-year-old Katherine.

According to Dole, Kaling is a doting mom who spends as much time with daughter Katherine as possible. "She loves to include her daughter when she can, whether that's a visit or FaceTime," Kaling's assistant said. "You can hear them giggling down the hallway. Right now we're working mostly from her house, so she's able to play with her outside. I gave them a parachute, and she really likes it. She likes to play hide-and-seek even though she’s only 2. She's the smartest baby I've ever met."

Kaling Earns Respect, Dole Says

Mindy Kaling is among those few women in Hollywood who are taken seriously, her assistant Elena Dole says.

According to Dole, Kaling is among those few women in the industry taken seriously. Her work, which includes the recent Apple TV+ show 'The Morning Show,' is likely the reason. "Women sometimes aren't taken seriously. People take Mindy seriously. It's impressive," said Dole. "She has a strong vision for her projects. She sticks to that, because she knows it’ll be good, and knows what she needs to make that happen." In addition to 'The Morning Show,' also Kaling's most recent projects include 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'Never Have I Ever.'

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