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Prince Harry in his military uniform

Will Prince Harry Become A Trophy Husband?

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By Sarah Veldman

Nobody will really ever know who it was that decided the Sussexes should step down from their duties as senior royals.

Was it Meghan? Was she simply tired of royal life, the constant media criticism, and the annoyance of being told what to do and what to wear all the time?

Was it Harry? Was he worried for the future of his family, noticing the strain royal life put on his wife and son? Was he done being the spare, and living in the shadow of his brother who would one day become king?

Or, was it a mutual decision from a couple tired of being forgotten, and having to walk behind Kate and William all the time?

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The Sussexes Recently Announced The Name Of Their Charitable Organization


But, no matter who made the decision, the future has been cemented for the couple who have recently announced the name of their new charitable organization, 'Archewell,' amid harsh criticism about the timing.

After fleeing to their borrowed mansion on Vancouver Island, the Sussexes have now taken up residence in California; reportedly at a house in Malibu.

Despite Harry claiming he never wanted to be a celebrity, it appears he's done just about everything he can to make that happen. Now that he's married to a Hollywood actress, settled in L.A., and abandoned his royal duties for good, what will he do now?

Prince Harry's Entire Life Has Been Within The Royal Fold


His whole life has been within the royal fold; there have been PR people to take care of all the media disasters that followed him for a number of years, and he never had to worry about an actual job, paying the bills, or even paying taxes for that matter.

Now, Harry will be considered just a normal citizen who will need to make his own money; he and Meghan made sure to let everyone know they planned on becoming "financially independent." Though, Prince Charles still pays for part of their expenses, something they so often forget to mention.

Will Meghan's Ambition Be Too Much?

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All that can be figured out though, but what about Harry's role? He has a wife with a strong personality and clear desire to rise above the ranks in the world to something akin to Oprah or Bill and Melinda Gates perhaps.

Her obvious desire to become a famous figure in her own right could eventually prove too much for Harry's once very popular position in life. His wife clearly has strong ambitions, and it's very possible that Prince Harry will simply become a trophy husband in this new world of celebrity of which Meghan so clearly desires to be a part of.

Public Opinion On Prince Harry Changed Drastically

Prince Harry in his military uniform
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It's amazing how quickly Harry went from being a beloved member of the royal family, whom some considered better suited for the throne than William due to his upbeat and outgoing personality, to a highly resented figure in British society.

While Harry can easily be brought out for the occasional speaking engagement, talk about mental health and dealing with media criticism will eventually only get him so far.

It appears Meghan will most definitely be running the show, but whether or not there is place for Harry in her world remains to be seen.

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