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Here's The Inside Scoop On Adele's Divorce From Simon Konecki

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By Rima Pundir

Adele has been in the news for losing a lot of excess baggage lately, be it in the form of pounds from her body, or the man she once thought was perfect. The separation of Adele and Simon Konecki is a closely guarded one, but one that is sure to cost Adele plenty of money, considering she is one of the richest female musicians in the world today. So this is what we known about the split as of now...

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The Split Came Because Of Distance

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While Adele has been linked with Harry Styles, the reason for the split wasn't extra-marital love on either side, but the fact they barely lived together. Because of her career and commitments, Adele is spending a lot of time in the US. Meanwhile, Simon Konecki is a charity entrepreneur with businesses in the UK, so he had to stay put. Clearly, too much separation does not always make the heart grow fonder and so after a separation, the couple filed for divorce.

Adele Wants To Keep It Private

Adele / Instagram

The one thing that Adele and Simon Konecki completely agree upon is co-parenting their son together. While they may not be a couple, they have sworn to always be parents, and it is for her son's sake that Adele wants everything in court to be sealed and kept private. To have the media bandy details about their divorce in public means to unnecessarily expose their son to courtroom gossip and this is something Adele wants to avoid at all cost.

The Split May Cost Her Dear

Adele / Instagram

Adele and Simon Konecki never signed a pre-nuptial agreement. So the divorce may end up costing Adele a lot of money, be it in cash or property. However, because she wants it done privately and quickly, Adele is likely to agree with awarding Simon Konecki a figure that lies in the ballpark of $170 million. Plus, she may also have to end up forking out a house or two, and maybe even some cars. This is why the rich and the famous should always have a prenup.

Adele Just Wants To Move Ahead

All through the announcement of separation and filing of the divorce, Adele has kept her lips zipped. She refuses to discuss her private family matters with the press or even her fans, though she did let fans have a peek into her feelings with a few social media posts. For the sake of her boy, Angelo, who Adele said completed her and gave her a purpose to live, Adele may be only too happy to give the money to Konecki and get some peace back in her life.

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