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Along With Perry, Courteney Cox Also Does Not "Remember" Being On 'Friends'!

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire
By Rima Pundir

When 'Friends' aired, Courteney Cox was the only one amongst the six who was already a movie star. Movie roles for Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer came later. However, Cox' role as Monica Geller is what we remember her by, as a great cook, an obsessive cleaner and the woman who finally made Chandler go down on bended knee. Till today, the six remain fast friends, through ups and downs, though Courteney has a hilarious secret to divulge.

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Cox Shot To Fame With 'Friends'

Courteney Cox / Instagram

Born in Alabama, Cox was named after her mother and was the youngest of four siblings. Later, she moved in with her mother and step-father after her parents divorced. She sprang into the limelight after she appeared in a Bruce Springsteen video though she was already modeling by then. Her appearance in the music video got her a role in 'Family Ties' as Lauren Miller and from then on there was no looking back for her. But she will always be Monica Geller to most of us.

She Had Auditioned To Be Rachel

Courteney Cox / Instagram

While Courteney Cox had auditioned for the role of Rachel, the one that finally went to Jennifer Aniston, the show's producers felt she was a better fit as Monica Geller. And so Monica it was, as the chef extraordinaire and the woman who cannot ever stop cleaning. She is shown to be the most responsible and motherly of them all. Of course, at the time, Courteney Cox and the rest of the cast had no idea of the success 'Friends' was going to be.

'Friends' Was Wildly Successful

All the six of the cast and crew have often expressed their surprise over how successful the sitcom turned out to be. Each of them was drawing a salary of $1 million each episode for the last two seasons of the show. They have repeatedly expressed their gratitude for being able to take part in something so big that people are still binge-watching it on streaming partners. It's off of Netflix now, but will soon be up and running on HBO Max, for which a special reunion episode was also being made.

But There Are Details Cox Does Not Remember

Courteney Cox / Instagram

Courteney Cox recently appeared at Jimmy Kimmel Live! via video chat where she played a trivia game about the series. Funnily enough, she lost. Cox then clarified, “I don’t remember even being on the show, I have such a bad memory. I remember obviously loving everybody there and having fun and I remember certain times of my life. I was there, but I don’t remember episodes.” Shades of Matthew Perry, right? So now Cox is also binge-watching her own show, and hoping her fans would also do the same whilst self-isolating.

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