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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Having Major Trouble With COVID-19

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By Mario Perez

At the time of writing, UK Prime Minester, Boris Johnson, is fighting for his life inside a London hospital. The politician has actually been dealing with COVID-19 for around 14 days at this point. It was not until last night that it was reported that Johnson had to be driven to the hospital.

The latest news indicates that the PM has been entered into the intensive care unit. As his condition continues to deteriorate. There are a couple of positive signs in his condition despite the mostly grim news.

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The Few Bright Spots

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The bright spot amidst this whole ordeal is the fact that Johnson has not been put on a ventilator. He is allegedly getting oxygen. As he had reported over the last few hours a difficulty breathing. This along with the fact that his high fever was consistent.

These two main symptoms are what ultimately led to the decision to check Johnson into a hospital. At this point in time, he is being reported in a very serious condition. The hope is that his symptoms will subside.

An Atypical Case

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One of the biggest concerns that doctors and government officials alike have with regards to Mr. Johnson's case is the fact that his symptoms should have gotten better by this point. There have not been many reports of patients dealing with the virus that have had the need to be hospitalized so many days after the first symptoms.

This strange behavior on the part of the virus could mean that the PM's health complications are not only a result of the Coronavirus itself.

Political Implications

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President Trump spoke yesterday about the news of Johnson being admitted into the hospital. The president wished him well. Also, he remarked that Johnson was actually a personal friend of his.

At this time Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been asked apparently by Johnson himself to step into the role of the PM. Although he is not going to officially take over as the Prime Minister of the country. He is the person that is being charged with carrying out the duties of the PM while Johnson is sick. This is certainly something that could be considered significant.

How is The Queen Fairing

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One of the major concerns in Britain during this time is the overall health of Queen Elizabeth. She actually gave a broadcast to the nation yesterday. She seems to be in good health. Even though both her son and her PM tested positive for the virus it was not reported that she or her husband have contracted it.

With Johnson being sidelined by the illness it would not be odd to see the Queen giving more public announcements and having a bigger role in the decisions that will be made during this time.

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