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Ariel Winter Sighted On Relaxed Makeup-Free Errand Trip

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Savannah Pointer

Actress Ariel Winter was spotted out and about in what appeared to be a casual outing sporting shorts a t-shirt and soft boots.

The Modern Family actress, 22, ran errands in Los Angeles while the city sits under a “stay at home” order due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Winter was grocery shopping in her loose-fitting t-shirt and polka dot shorts, but without the gloves and mask that many of her fellow La La Land natives have been donning for protection.

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Winter Showed Off Her Brightly Colored Hair


Winter showed off her bright red hair in addition to her casual costume, which she debuted following the wrap of the 11 year project Modern Family where she played genus daughter Alex Dunphy.

She began her time on the hit ABC sitcom 2009 and has sported her characters jet black hair almost exclusively since then.

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter spoke to People about growing up on screen in front of America. The 22-year-old actress has spent some of the most trying years of any child’s life in front of the world. When asked what that was like, Winter told People, “It’s not very easy, just because people think that just because you’re on TV, they’re entitled to your life.”

Winter played the part of Alex Dunphy on the show, and was one of the primary characters.

Winter Said Things Got Worse with Social Media


“It’s even worse with social media, because people can just say anything they want,” Winter said. “So that was rough because I feel like I got on social media right at the start of it becoming big, and I was really young, and people were just figuring out how to bash people online. It was rough going through all of my awkward stages, all of my different stages, because I really changed a lot over the course of 11 years.”

The Actress Said It ‘Wasn’t Ideal’ But Said She’s Still Grateful


“It was definitely not favorable to have millions of people feel like they’re entitled to comment on how I look or what I’m doing or anything like that,” Winter added before going on to say that she didn’t “think it’s ideal. I’m obviously grateful that I do what I do and I got to do what I did, but I do think that growing up on TV and growing up in front of millions with social media is a little rough.”

Winter Went On To Talk About The Attacks on Her Physical Appearance


“I think you learn so much over the course of 11 years, but you learn so much when you are thrust in the life of the public eye and have people’s opinions on you at every moment and people watching to catch every mistake you make or literally anything you do,” she says. “I think it kind of builds a thicker skin.”

“I think as a woman in this industry, and also just in general, it is important to be able to build that sense of confidence and sense of self,” she shares. “Obviously, it’s different for everyone, not everyone has the same experience of getting to that, but I think that, for me, it’s been very helpful to get to a place where I feel confident and comfortable with my own opinions, my idea of myself.”

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