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Maci Bookout McKinney

Maci Bookout Discusses Relationship With Ex in 'Teen Mom OG' Preview

Maci Bookout McKinney | Instagram
By A. Elise

In recent years, the co-parenting relationship between Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout McKinney and ex Ryan Edwards has been on rocky ground. In fact, McKinney had to file a protective order against Edwards after he allegedly threatened her family and pets.

In a new preview for an upcoming episode of the MTV reality show, McKinney discusses reaching out to Edwards to invite him to their son Bentley's 11th birthday. She addresses the violent threats and wonders if patching things up is a possibility.

Maci Bookout McKinney & Taylor McKinney
Maci Bookout McKinney | Instagram

In the preview for the upcoming episode, McKinney narrates the clip. She reminds viewers that Bentley is going to be 11 and that she wants to throw a special zoo party for him because he's been "such a good kid."

As she considers the party, she thinks about how she can avoid causing any drama with Edwards or his parents, Jen and Larry. She considers inviting the entire family, including Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, who seemingly has had a strained relationship with McKinney.

Maci Bookout McKinney with daughter
Maci Bookout McKinney | Instagram

McKinney says that she wants Bentley to be able to celebrate with all his siblings. McKinney and her husband have two children together, and Edwards has two children and a step-child with his wife.

Her husband is seemingly in agreement with her, willing to put some of their troubles with Edwards in the past. He says, "We've obviously had a rocky past, but putting it aside for Bentley's birthday is good for him." The couple wants to ensure that Bentley has the best relationship with each of his family members.

Taylor & Maci Bookout McKinney with two children
Maci Bookout McKinney | Instagram

Some Teen Mom viewers might be surprised to see that the McKinneys are considering allowing Edwards to come to the party since they requested a restraining order in the recent past. Apparently, the two put a stipulation in the restraining order that Edwards could come near them so long as they invited him.

McKinney ultimately decides that she will text the family and see if they are comfortable coming to the party. McKinney says that they will see what happens based on the invitation.

Ryan, Mackenzie, and Bentley Edwards
Ryan Edwards | Instagram

McKinney claims that she wants to do what is best for Bentley, and seemingly Edwards is getting life back on track. After he spent time in rehab and jail following opiate addiction, Edwards and McKinney were not getting along. In the meantime, Bentley continued to see Edwards' parents on weekends and for holidays.

Viewers are interested to see what happens in the coming episodes and whether the relationship between the two parents will improve for the best interest of their child.

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