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David Blaine Blows Mike Tyson's Mind With Quarantine Magic Trick

Safe Distance / YouTube
By Gary Trock

David Blaine is proving that you don't have to let the shelter-in-place order prevent true magic from happening, as the world-famous illusionist performed a trick with Mike Tyson that had the champ rolling.

Blaine was the most recent guest on the former boxing champ's new digital series, "Safe Distance with Mike Tyson." Produced by Tyson Ranch, the program features 1-on-1 interviews with celebrities as they give their take on life during the global pandemic. Other notable stars to be featured include Dana White and Fat Joe.

Tyson and Blaine began the episode talking about the state of the world, and how long the illusionist thinks everyone will be on lockdown.

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Safe Distance / YouTube

When asked by Tyson when he thinks the world may go back to normal, Blaine responded, "It's hard to predict something like that," adding that he has been "following other cases like Wuhan and Italy, seems like it's going to be a very long and intense battle until we figure out better solutions."

Blaine also revealed that while he's in Los Angeles, his 9-year-old daughter, Dessa, is in France with their mother and he is not able to be with them. He explained that his daughter is also with their grandmother, and he did not want to risk going to France and exposing any family members to anything he could possibly be carrying.

'You Changed My Life'

Safe Distance / YouTube

Blaine then admitted to Tyson that, "you changed my life," and explained that during a chance encounter back in the day, the young illusionist received sage advice from the heavyweight champ.

"I met you because your crew accidentally took my suitcase and put it in one of your crews. They told me to knock on the window, and it was you," Blaine explained while Tyson laughed and remembered the meeting.

Blaine recounted that he was doing magic for Tyson, when the champ said:

"I was never meant to be the heavyweight champ, I don't have the arm reach, I'm short, I am not right ... but I had nothing to lose and therefore I had everything to gain."

Blaine said the viewpoint "entirely changed my focus," and that it told him to "give every single thing into what you believe in."

Imagine Your Card

Safe Distance / YouTube

Blaine then showed off his magic skills, which was pretty impressive seeing as he and Tyson weren't even in the same room.

He had Tyson grab a deck of cards and shuffle through while picking out a specific card from the deck. After the champ told Blaine he had chosen a card, the illusionist wasted no time in producing Tyson's card with a flick of the wrist.

"Imagine this is your card ... see it right here!" Blaine commanded before producing the 6 of diamonds ... which was apparently Tyson's card.

Shocked, the champ wanted to know how the trickery was pulled off ... but Blaine knows better than to reveal the magician's secret, especially when he's dealing with Tyson at a safe distance.

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