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Kim Kardashian

Fans Urge Kim Kardashian's Fans to Donate Money during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | Michael Cohen
By Alan Blake

The ongoing global pandemic has left everyone around the globe undertaking several recommended measures to keep safe and avoid contracting the deadly virus. Kim Kardashian used the social media to urge her fans to do what they can during this scary period, which made some of her followers to react on her post implying that she should help out.

It’s notably not the first time the mother of four is making a poor choice on social media. However, the criticism she is receiving is probably unnecessary.

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Kim Kardashian Spending Her Free Time on Social Media

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Social distancing is the order of every day, and celebrities are currently stuck in their homes, including Kardashian. Some are taking to social media to express how boring the situation is, and how they attempt to have some fun amid the outbreak.

However, for Kardashian, she is sparing some of her free time to advice social media users on what to do in a bid to contain the virus. The beauty mogul is not taking chances with the virus and even had a doctor at her home demonstrate the right way to wash hands.

Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Mean Well for Her Fans

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Although some fans feel the reality star should do more, her tweets have all along been for the best of her followers. She dropped a meme that showed medical professionals armed with facemasks and gowns, and all raising signs written ‘We are staying here for you, kindly stay home for us.’

Another tweet from her asked fans not to ignore the directive to stay at home, adding that they will all get through the tough time. However, the fact that the tweets came from the celebrity did not go well with some users.

Fans Compare Kim Kardashian’s Lifestyle With Theirs

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian West is not the only celebrity who has been out to insist on the importance to stay at home. Her younger sister Kylie Jenner has also been asking her 164 million followers to stay safe as the number of cases and the death toll continues to rise.

However, Kardashian’s recent tweets came under criticism with some fans noting that they had to work, perhaps to mean staying at home is not possible. One of them said that Kardashian’s life is different from theirs, adding that they do not have the financial freedom.

Fans Feel Kim Kardashian’s Donation Is Not Enough

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The reality TV star who recently caused a stir after a fistfight with elder sister Kourtney Kardashian revealed that 20% of her cotton line business would be donated towards Baby2Baby to support them during the coronavirus outbreak. However, some critics feel that she is trying to make a profit out of the situation.

‘Kim and your family are so rich, why do you have to make a profit out of everything? One commenter wrote. As if in response to the reactions, Kardashian has doubled her donation, and added that she does not publicize all her charity works.

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