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Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes From Brown To Hot Pink In New Quarantine Hairstyle

Gettyimages | Chelsea Guglielmino
By Marisa Roman

Being in quarantine has certainly led to quite a few hairstyle changes for many people. Whether it’s the restlessness that can come from being stuck inside, or simply needing a change of pace, hair is the first thing people have been changing up while self-isolating. Add celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt to that mix, as she just recently posted a photo to IG of her new hot pink hairdo. Hewitt shared the photo of her at-home hair highlights, joining the ranks of a few other celebs who have decided to change up their look while in quarantine.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt - IG

Hewitt, who stars on the hit Fox show ‘9-1-1’ posted the photo to her IG showing off those new hot pink locks. The caption for the photo read, “The smile of a girl who just did at home hot pink highlights because what else can I do right now! Thanks @limecrimemakeup these hair conditioners are easy and so fun! @nikkilee901 don’t be mad lol. I really miss you! Hey @911onfox new look for Maddie?!” Hewitt was, of course, referencing her character on the Fox drama.

Pink - IG

Hewitt isn’t the only celeb to showcase a new hairdo during self-isolation. Elle Fanning recently ditched her blonde locks and chose a similar hot pink style on her March 25th Instagram post. Fanning posted in her IG stories the hair change, which was shocking for many fans. Additionally, singer Pink recently opened up on IG about giving herself a haircut while drinking. The 40-year-old singer shared, “When I drink, I get really, really, really brilliant ideas and last night I got the idea, ‘I can cut hair! Why have I been paying people all this time?’” Pink showed off the haircut which was…a little uneven.

Gabrielle Union - IG

Meanwhile, other celebs have been showing off their own natural hairstyles while in quarantine, like Ariana Grande, who showed off her naturally curly hair which shocked fans who thought the singer’s hair was naturally straight. Even Gabrielle Union took to IG posting a video of her natural hair, captioning the photo with her daughter, “See @kaaviajames mama's got hair like yours!! When I took my braids out she was like 👀🤔 now mom & baby both rocking their natural curls ❤💜🖤 #QuarantineNaturalHairChronicles"

Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Even famed beauty mogul Kylie Jenner debuted a new hairstyle while in isolation, featuring a shorter, caramel-hued style on her IG photos. Jenner captioned the short video “Bored." That same day, however, Kylie did share a throwback of when she had pink hair, captioning the clip “missing social time😫😍💗💗 the faster we stay inside the faster we can get back to it .. i hope everyone is taking social distancing serious ‼️💗.” Perhaps pink is about to make a comeback in quarantine this year.

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