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Princess Diana

Working for the Royal Family: Princess Diana’s Former Makeup Artist Reveals How it Feels

Gettyimages | Tim Graham
By Alan Blake

Princess Diana remains an icon following her style in the 90s. Her relationship with the rest of the royal family was quite troublesome, but her fashion legacy is one thing about her that never seems to fade out even long after her death.

Mary Greenwell was her makeup artist] back in the days, and she has had several other celebrity clients. However, as Greenwell revealed in an interview with Yahoo, Princess Diana remains her most memorable client. Greenwell enjoyed her company even though Princess Diana had a difficult time dealing with her family.

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Princess Diana Loved Makeup

 Princess Diana
Princess Diana/Instagram

Greenwell worked on the Princess’ makeup and style, but this does not mean that Princess Diana was not hands-on when it comes to getting herself some new looks. She is said to have really been into makeup and even went hands-on in creating her looks at times.

She was not necessarily trying out different colors for her eyeshadows but rather trying out new ways to get her eyes out more. Princess Diana generally sought ways to look astoundingly beautiful.

Princess Diana’s Makeup Artist Was Dedicated to Her Work

 Princess Diana
Princess Diana/Instagram

As she revealed, Greenwell was dedicated to ensuring that Princess Diana wore a royal look. The makeup artist recognized that it was not necessary to make dramatic changes when it comes to makeup for a person in an office, White House, or a royal family.

She takes the credit for Princess Diana’s blue eyeliner with which she once rocked for some time. As Yahoo reports, Greenwell took her job of maintaining the Princess’ looks seriously, and the Princess’ kind spirit made Greenwell enjoy her company.

Mary Greenwell Describes Princess Diana

 Princess Diana and Prince William
Princess Diana/Instagram

The celebrated makeup professional began to work with Princess Diana in 1991, and the two seemed to have had an impressive professional relationship. Recounting her former client, Greenwell described the late Princess as friendly, charming, always present, and delightful.

Greenwell had created multiple looks for the Princess, although there was one that still stands out in her mind, the 1996 Met Gala. Greenwell recounts the look, adding that the Princess looked divine. The Princess paired her navy blue dress with her glamorous soft eye shadow and lip.

Greenwell Remembers Her Favorite Client


Greenwell remembers how the Princess loved to wear excessive mascara and exaggerate her eyes. Last year, she took to Instagram to honor the late Princess with a picture that she dropped along with a sweet caption. In the caption, the makeup guru wrote saying she was so blessed to have had the chance to spend time with the lady she termed as extraordinary.

She claimed to have been touched by the Princess’ beauty and went ahead to reveal that Princess Diana had helped her change her attitude towards HIV.

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