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Ron Perlman Opens Up About His Infamous Handshake With Convicted Rapist Harvey Weinstein

Gettyimages | Charley Gallay
By Savannah Pointer

Actor Ron Perlman spilled the beans recently about an infamous interaction he had with now-convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

Perlman tweeted om 2018 that he previously urinated on his hand before shaking Weinstein’s at an event where they were both in attendance. “I never really had a relationship with Harvey but I wanted to show up to one of his charity events,” Perlman said during an interview with The Daily Beast

The “Clover” actor recalled how he came to the point of being so frustrated with Weinstein that he felt the need to resort to such measures.

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Perlman Told The Story Of His Interaction


“When I got on the phone with him to request a ticket, he just acted like a f***** piece-of-s*** pig, like, ‘Who are you to ask me? Do you know who I am?’ He thought I was returning the Revlon guy’s phone call [Ron Perelman], which is why he returned my phone call in the first place, and when he realized I was just the actor he just went off on me,” Perlman said, remembering the event where he and Weinstein interacted.

The Actor Went On


“I said to him, ‘Well, it’s OK, Harvey, I managed to get a ticket between the time I called you and now, so I’ll be there tonight.’ And he said, ‘Oh, you’ll be there? Well, make sure you shake my hand out of respect.’ And I said, ‘Oh yeah, Harvey, I sure will.’ And that’s the genesis of that story,” Perlman said.

When asked by The Daily Beast whether Weinstein noticed what Perlman had done, the actor said, “Well, he knew it was clammy. I’m hoping he read the tweet where I finally outed myself. That was a one-off. There aren’t many people that deserve that move like Harvey Weinstein did.”

Weinstein Was Notoriously Vindictive


The high profile Hollywood producer who is now serving a 23-year prison sentence after being found guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual acts in the first degree was known to be vindictive in his interactions with actors.

According to a report in Cheat Sheet actors, such as Ben Affleck, were put on a “red flag list” because Weinstein believed them to be likely to report his misconduct, which was reportedly rampant with Weinstein and his films.

Affleck Did Separate Himself From Weinstein Starting Before His Trial


Affleck has been systematically separating himself from the producer for some time, and after the news of the accusations against Weinstein broke, the actor announced that he would be donating the residual profits of the films that he worked on with Weinstein to charity, according to Variety.

“Prior to the publication of bombshell reports, which ignited the #MeToo movement … Weinstein kept a list of names of people he was concerned could be talking to journalists in 2017 about his sexual conduct with women,” Variety reported.

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