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Megan Thee Stallion Speaks On Hip-Hop's Double Standards

Gettyimages | Cassidy Sparrow
By Adreon Patterson

As Megan Thee Stallion continues to blow up, the rapper decided to open up about the double standards of being a woman in hip-hop.

Over the past year, Megan has been taking the rap game by storm with her songs like "Big Ole Freak" and "Hot Girl Summer" as well as her huge collaborations with rap heavyweights.

Despite her music success and big personality that people gravitate towards, the Houston rapper knows as well as witnesses the battle of the sexes that continues to rage on between male and female rappers.

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Giphy | Megan Thee Stallion

In an interview with 'Marie Claire magazine', the rapper talks about all of the progress that has been made for female rappers. But she did admit that all of that progress has not stopped people from criticizing her bars.

She stated that people have accused her of being too sexual and too explicit while emphasizing that some of her male counterparts get away with being mediocre.

“A man can be as mediocre as he wants to be but still praised,” she stated. “A man can talk about how he’s about to do all of these drugs and then come shoot your house up. But as soon as I say something about my vagina, it’s the end of the world?”

Megan Thee Stallion/Twitter

From the outside, it seems to be a surface-level issue of wanting women to be more modest and rap about things other than sex. But the rising rap star mentioned that the issue is a lot deeper. In fact, she claimed men are afraid of women being powerful.

“It’s something deeper,” she says. “Not only am I rapping about sex, I’m rapping about you making me feel good. I’m not tapping about licking on you. No, you’re going to do what I told you to do, and I feel like sometimes that can be a little intimidating…"

Megan Thee Stallion/Twitter

She continued, "Sometimes it's overwhelming to some men. They can’t hand it, they get a little shook, they get a little scared. But I’m not going nowhere, so get used to it.”

In her short time in the rap game. Megan has made it a point to be an ally to all female rappers currently being successful.

And while she has the influence, Megan said she wanted to ride for all of the powerful women out there while continuing to make her mark on the world.

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

“I know that women are powerful. I know that we are out here birthing people. I know that we are out here running sh*t, so I can’t even be mad at you for thinking that we should be held to a high standard,” the rising star stated. “We’re the ultimate beings. We are the superior beings.”

Megan is currently on a roll with her song "Savage" climbing the charts, becoming her second top 20 hit. This is courtesy of a viral dance from the social app Tik Tok helping to fuel its success.

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