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A Lesson From 50 Cent: Never Question Your Partner's Cooking During Quarantine

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By Adreon Patterson

Self-quarantine can be trying for many couples with celebrities not being immune. This lead to 50 Cent's girlfriend Cuban Link locking him out of their bedroom.

She locked the rapper-actor out after he openly criticized her cooking. This led to a series of playful (and real) videos the fitness trainer posted to her Instagram on April 4. In the short trio of hilarious clips, followers witnessed as the girlfriend of 50 Cent got some sweet revenge on her rapper boyfriend.

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“.. his ass ain’t so tough behind the door,” Cuban Link captioned the series of videos she posted to social media.

In the first clip, the aspiring lawyer gets up off her bed and walks over to the bedroom door before asking the rapper “Whatchu want?” Viewers can hear in the background, the media mogul pleading with his significant other, “I want you to open the door.”

She looks at the camera and giggles as she gets up to approach the door.

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“Oh, now you want to come and lay in the bed? You’re sleeping on the couch [after how] you talkin’ about my cookin’.”

The rapper clearly realized the error of his ways as he tries to talk his way in (“You’re tippin’, c’mon. I don’t want to be on the couch”) to his success. In the third and final clip, Cuban opens the door.

“Talking about ‘i don’t wanna lay on the couch,’” Cuban wrote in the post’s caption. It seems the rap mogul still has a little bit of learning about life in quarantine with your significant other.

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Like many men in self-isolation with their partner, 50 had to learn the hard way that one cannot merely insult your self-isolation partner’s cooking without expecting some repercussions.

If his girlfriend did let him sleep on the bed that night, he better beware when next they work out. She just might make him do a couple more laps up on the staircase as seen in other videos the couple had posted.

That’s right – in addition to being 50’s on-site personal chef, Cuban Link is acting as his personal trainer during their quarantine.

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As a prolific Instagram user, 50 Cent vented his frustration in a March 17 post by sharing a clip of Carl Thomas’s song, “I Wish,” along with a caption, “After 3 days of quarantine with your girl.”

“Yeah, come get her,” he added. “[Cuban] keeps sending me up and down the stairs too much f*ck this.”

It came off a cute and funny similar to Cuban's short clips.

But the video seems to contradict the advice 50 has given since the self-quarantine began.

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With millions under lockdown as part of efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Power star issued a warning: don’t get fat. “A lot of people are not making adjustments, so they’re just going to sit home, and they’re going to get fat. They’ll get fat,” he said to 'WSJ Magazine'.

The rapper said he was still trying to maintain his workout routine by running on a track while keeping "your social distance.”

50 Cent socially distancing himself from the bedroom - and his girlfriend - if he keeps his behavior.

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