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Kylie Jenner and relatives

Kylie Jenner Wants More Kids And Posts Amazing Tight Outfit With Natural Hair

Instagram @kyliejenner
By Jacob Highley

Kylie Jenner is both social media influencer and beauty icon. She continues to stun her fans and readers with gorgeous modeling photos while also posting cute updates with her daughter Stormi.

Recently, Jenner posted a fabulous picture of herself wearing an attractive black 'jumpsuit' looking outfit. In addition to this amazing piece, she's also showing off a shorter hair-style with a fully natural look!

Jenner has also come out making a statement during a live stream that she wants to have more children in the future.

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Kylie Talks About Wanting More Kids

kids playing
Unsplash | MI PHAM

Kylie posted a sweet video of her nieces just before revealing that she wants to have 'seven' more kids down the line.

“I don’t want another baby right now. I want seven kids down the line, but not right now,” she said in the live video. “Pregnancy is just not a joke. It’s a serious thing and it’s hard. I’m not ready for that just yet.” - Kylie Jenner

This was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise to be sure. Assuming her future kids are half as cute as Stormi, we're all for it!

Kylie Going For A Shorter, Natural Look


Jenner's Snapchat was buzzing after a sizzling video with her using the iconic butterfly filter while showing off the sleek-fitting outfit people are dying to get their hands on.

Several fans couldn't help but share just how much they love this fresh look from the Kardashian star.

'Ahhhh where is her jumpsuit from. Anyone know??' - da5ha (Commenter)

'You look most beautiful here Kylie, but really both ways you are a beautiful young lady!!!' - lucindashankle (Commenter)

'My kind of woman!! Beautiful ,smart, sexy , brave ,Independent and strong I could go on and on and on .' - spider28100 (Commenter)

Kylie Live Chatting While In Quarantine

women talking
Unsplash | Christina @

Jenner recently live-chatted on Instagram with friends which was one of the first times she showed off the new look. While we've seen Jenner with a similar hairstyle, she says this is the first time she's ever shown her natural hair before.

Several other celebrities have been showing off natural looks in light of staying home in self-quarantine. Ariana Grande and Gabrielle Union are the first that come to mind.

Many fans have become enamored seeing some of their favorite celebrities taking the makeup off and showing off impressive natural looks.

Kylie's Fans Love KylieSkin Products

Unsplash | Alex Holyoake

Speaking of makeup, Jenner has continued to share her love with fans who post their experiences with KylieSkin products. Many ladies are staying home and Jenner's brand is one of the most readily accessible for stay-at-home makeup days.

You may be surprised by just how many people are posting reviews right now.

'Honestly you have the best eye cream and moisturiser! 🙌🏼🙌🏼' - Martina|King Kylie (Commenter)

'It’s because is truly amazing there is no doubt of that! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next' - Wilmarie Ortiz (Commenter)

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