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Halle Berry's Response To Trolls Over Son In Heels

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By Ivy Pope

Halle Berry is in self-quarantine with her children, including her six-year-old son, Maceo. The family, like many, are looking for fun ways to pass the time. So on March 24, Berry posted a video of Maceo, who was trying out some new shoes.

He wore a plaid set of pajamas, and he wore his mother's high heeled boots as he walked up the stairs. The video was captioned: "Quarantineb Day 12".

The video immediately received a ton of negative comments, people were saying things like...

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"I hope that's the daughter." This person added a heart next to their comment, and Halle Berry quickly responded that it was harmless fun, "Harmless fun. Tryna survive right now. You feel me?" Berry wrote. To another commenter, who wrote: "She's having the time of her life, lol", Berry responded: "Well it's a he, and he is having a ball. Tryna cope the best he can. Laughter helps a lot right now." The person who commented that 'she' was having the time of 'her' life, was corrected and did apologize; they had not read the caption on the video.

Many people, presumably fans of Halle Berry, commented as well, offended that it mattered whether it was her son or her daughter playing in heels. One such commenter said: "Why? Geniunely curious as to why it's a big deal either way?"

Another commenter said: "@halleberry please don't let this kid think that this is alright...go get the playstation or xbox ijs you from Bedford Hts old skool and you that wouldn't."

When somebody told this person to stop commenting, because they had no right too, they responded:

"Look I don't know your no post, no picture IG fake I have kids and son' the 70s 80s this was taboo for a boy to have on his mama's dress or heels or makeup and in my opinion it still is I'm OG old skool....A male needs a male roll model or up bringing to be a man...a woman can't sho a male so how to be a man because she's a woman...just my opinion. and I don't care if Holly get pissed off I'm from her hometown Bedford and I'll ask her personally do she remember any HS male classmates wearing heels or makeup ijs I'm done with the conversation."

Clearly people are not with the times, when drag is acceptable, and you can literally be anybody that you want to be. Judgement should not be passed by people, especially on young children. Other people commented things such as,

"My son walks around in my Uggs. He says they are comfortable," and many people were just excited to see Maceo having fun.

Most of the comments were negative, and Halle Berry did respond to many of them. She has since not posted a video of her children on her account. When you ruin a good thing, you ruin it.

Hopefully we'll see Halle Berry's children some more and hopefully Berry will continue to encourage her children to do what they enjoy, even if that means her son wears her heels.

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