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Tyler Cameron Responds To Hannah Brown Dating Rumors And Takes Care Of Haters

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Francesca O'Hern

For nearly a year now, we've been on the roller coaster ride of trying to figure out whether Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron were going to get together. When they first met shooting 'The Bachelorette,' their chemistry was undeniable, and Cameron was a clear favorite to win. That didn't happen, but Brown shot her shot on the finale of her season, but nothing really came of that either. But now that the world has come to a standstill, it looks like Brown and Cameron have had the time to evaluate their place in each other's lives.

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The Quarantine Crew

Hannah Brown/Instagram

Soon after states began issuing "Shelter in Place" rules, we all found out via TikTok and Instagram that Cameron and Brown were quarantining together in Cameron's home state of Florida. After they and their "Quarantine Crew" began posting videos of them dancing, and Brown and Cameron playing games and generally being flirtatious with each other, rumors began to fly that they were giving their relationship another try. Everyone from Bachelor Nation fans to Chris Harrison himself wanted them back together.

Hannah Leaves Florida

Hannah Brown | Instagram

Last week, Brown said her goodbyes to the Quarantine Crew and returned to her native Alabama. Fans were disappointed, and not just because travel is generally discouraged during quarantine. She posted a TikTok video of herself and her father, trying to teach him the viral dance, the "whoa." While many of the comments were positive, gushing over how cute the father and daughter were, many scolded Brown for leaving the Quarantine Crew and traveling during such an unsafe time as this.

Cameron Claps Back

Tyler Cameron | Instagram

Cameron recently posted a photo to his Instagram page, reminiscing on freer times. Some of the comments were not so nice. One commenter snapped, "Tyler probably won’t read this but I’m sorry you definitely have 2 personalities. The dear sweet one on the bachelor and the one who is acting like a total jerk. Hannah probably couldn’t get away from you fast enough." He replied, "Looks like we got another cat lady on our hands." Cameron has been getting a few nasty comments recently. Are these indicative of how people as a whole see him?

Cameron Clears Things Up

Giphy | The Bachelorette

The whole time they were quarantined together, fans speculated as to whether Brown and Cameron would come out the other side a couple. It looks like they may have finally gotten their answer: In a recent Zoom session with fans, Tyler clarified "The tea is we are friends, she’s a good friend," after a fan asked about their relationship status. Another source told 'Hollywood Life,' "They do have their history together, so it’s understandable that fans want to see them date again but right now that’s not happening. That’s not to say it couldn’t change down the road, they do have a very real connection." Guess that's that...for now!

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