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Gabrielle Union Just Dropped A Whole Lotta Cute On Instagram With Daughter Kaavia

By Jacob Highley

Gabrielle Union recently had a heyday posting adorable pictures of her daughter Kaavia. From having a piggyback rides to sweet moments like dancing or getting her hair done, Kaavia made headlines as one of the cutest 'self-quarantine' updates readers have gotten in weeks.

While not a whole lot has been posted on exactly what the Union-Wade family have been up to, we do know that they have been enjoying each other's company while staying home.

Fans can't get enough of these social media posts, and they just keep getting cuter!

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Fans Love Seeing Kaavia

Gabrielle Union & Daughter Kaavia
Gettyimages | Jesse Grant

Have you seen how cute Kaavia gets as she gets older? Simply adorable. Union regularly posts updates about her daughter and with so much free time her posts have practically doubled over the last few weeks.

Many fans took to the comment section to express how sweet they thought the posts have been.

'I love this child. Thank you for sharing her. ❤️' - lisarinna (Commenter)

'The facial expression gets me all the time 😍😍😂😂' - isi.ihenyen (Commenter)

'Yes!! Love this lil girl with the old soul. ❤️❤️❤️' - tommyrae (Commenter)

Gabrielle Rocking Awesome Natural Curls

woman with curly hair
Unsplash | Kat Love

Fans were also jelly over how fabulous Union's hair looks naturally. Her curls almost make up a fro, while still allowing for a stylish feminine look.

It actually looks like how Ariana Grande has her hair right now, but Union's is shorter.

Quite a few celebrities have been going more natural. Another famous individual who posted a less-seen look is Kim Kardashian. Alas, she, along with several other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family tree have received a bit of negativity over being called 'insensitive' by fans.

Dwyane Does Kaavia's Hair

Dwayne Wade with daughter Kaavia
Instagram @gabunion

It wouldn't be fitting to talk about such an adorable kiddo without also mentioning her rocking dad.

Dwayne Wade usually posts sports-related updates on his social media, but thankfully Union is a social butterfly and captured some incredible moments with him and Kaavia together.

One such moment was especially popular on Instagram recently. The clip showed Dwayne combing Kaavia's hair with some music in the background.

Naturally, fans loved every moment and posted a ton of support for the family as they stay home.

Dwyane & Gabrielle Raising A Dancer

gabrielle union
Wikimedia |

While no one knows if Kaavia will pursue a career as a dancer, she showed some cute moves in a video with Union and Wade recently. Fans thought it was the most adorable video and were impressed by her dancing.

'Omg was she trying to twerk lol 😁' - folantice (Commenter)

'The Gurl be twerkin 🤣🤣🤣' - lungie13 (Commenter)

'I like the smile on mummy’s face. We appreciate you 😍' - iamthe_maryam (Commenter)

'I can't handle her cuteness' - biffycakes10 (Commenter)

'She so cute omg 😍😍💜' - missmocha2017 (Commenter)

Stay tuned for more adorable news!

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