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Queen Elizabrth II

Queen Elizabeth Hurt By Final Royal Visit

Gettyimages | Sean Gallup
By danyellmarshall

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have taken their first steps toward their new lives as independent entities separate from the royal family. When the couple made their final royal visit to the UK the coronavirus outbreak had just begun. Meghan and Harry had been staying on Vancouver Island and chose to leave baby Archie behind rather than risk exposing him to the highly contagious virus through travel. Many members of the royal family were hurt and disappointed that they missed the newest member of the family.

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The Final Royal Visit

Meghan Markle in a green dress and hat

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked the world when they announced via Instagram that they would be stepping down as senior working members of the royal family. Meghan and Harry made many appearances over the weeks between their announcement and the day they finally stepped down. The pair moved their family to Canada in anticipation of the switch. On their last visit, Meghan and Harry chose to leave baby Archie on Vancouver Island amid concerns over the onset of the coronavirus outbreak.

Royals Disappinted

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Baby Archie

Many members of the royal family including Queen Elizabeth II and her husband were deeply disappointed that baby Archie did not join his parents on their final royal visit to the United Kingdom. The queen is aware that her time with her family is now limited. The monarch is more than 90 years old. With Archie and his parents moving to North America his chances to spend time with his royal family will be limited. Meghan and Harry were simply being protective.

Megxit Finally Complete

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding hands under an umbrella in the rain

As of March 31st, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are finally independent entities and no longer obligated to the British royal family. The complicated process of becoming legally independent beings has come to an end right at the end of the British royal family's financial calendar making it easier for both parties to start fresh with a clean slate. Meghan and Harry are looking forward to building their individual careers and having more time to dedicate to their son Archie.

Sussexes Move On

Prince Harry holding baby Archie outdoors

Meghan and Harry began their journey to independence by spending a few months on Vancouver Island. The couple enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors near their secluded mansion. At the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, Meghan and Harry relocated to California. The couple is now looking to put down roots in Malibu. They're looking for a forever home near where Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, had planned to settle down with her boyfriend Dodi before her tragic and untimely death.

Archie's Future

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holding baby Archie

Little Archie has the unique challenge of having half of his family in one country and half in another. Most children don't grow up with their relatives so far apart. Meghan and Harry have made it clear that they intend to split their time between North America and the United Kingdom. Little Archie will be given the opportunity to see his family and grow up with a healthy dose of both UK and US culture. His parents are solely focused on him.

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