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Can Dogs Spread The Coronavirus?

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By kenadijiba

When it comes to the human condition it's been proven time and again that animals are the ultimate companions. Dogs especially hold a profound place in a majority of people’s hearts, and are cared for more so than really any other domesticated being. With Coronavirus hitting the wall in ‘The United States Of America’ it's clear that anxiety is running absurdly high. Fears surrounding the health of entire families, and beloved companions at this time has everyone wondering who is vulnerable to this illness.

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Furry Friends

DogsOfInstagram/ Instagram

Is there a hierarchy to feelings? Why is it considered by some to be a ridiculous preoccupation when desiring to know whether ‘Pookie’ the greyhound is susceptible to contracting and in turn passing on Coronavirus? Well, whether there is a select portion of the population that believes it's uncalled for, people want to understand in deep detail if animals can get Coronavirus, and the answer is quite complicated. One fantastic Doctor on the world wide web who broke this down perfectly is Mikhail Varshavski.


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Dr. Mike alike to Dr. Fauci is a medical professional people love to listen to. His videos on Youtube have amassed over millions of views, and he’s been up to date on the changes revolving around Coronavirus. The way in which he’s maintained social responsibility by being ever so clear about the true reality of this situation is admirable. So, for anyone who deals with issues tied to panicking over things like this, slide over to Dr. Mike’s channel and receive recedable information.

Correct Information

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In a recent well filmed video Dr. Mike spoke on this precise topic. Animals and their probability of transferring or getting Coronavirus. What he stressed was maintaining the same social distancing regulations you have for yourself, and in turn doing the same for your furry companions. For example, when going for a walk just make sure someone doesn't attack ‘Pookie’ with a petting frenzy. Right now although it may feel so unlike the social scheme of even a month prior, there has to be a consciousness when coming across others.

Man's Best Friend

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Dr. Mike also said that dogs could get Coronavirus due to someone passing it on. Whether it would be as detrimental remains up in the air. This consensus makes sense because of the now official news having broken that a Tiger at ‘The Bronx Zoo’ has been diagnosed with it. Obviously humans and animals have different immune systems, and so nobody truly knows if a dog getting Coronavirus will be just as deadly. If it is then everyone has to be that much more proactive.

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