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New Video Surfaces Of Ezra Miller Appearing To 'Choke' A Fan

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By kenadijiba

How did the world get here? The news cycle was slightly slowing down and then this story breaks like a crease in the wind. Days before the original awkward heartthrob, Logan Lerman was trending on Twitter for being unproblematic something else just had to come and dim the nostalgia. His co-stars from ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ were getting a residual shine as well, especially Ezra Miller for how beloved he is due to his interesting career choices, and unorthodox fashion sense. To move from that positive narrative to him allegedly being violent towards a fan was a major stretch.

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Not The Traditional Route

ImEzraMiller/ Instagram

Now, Ezra Miller doesn't just have your run of the mill fanbase. His career isn't that of someone like Noah Centineo who’s path feels like it was produced in some pre-filtered Hollywood lab. In fact Ezra is probably the antithesis of everything Hollywood is. That is one of the reasons as to why he doesn't have “fans'', he has “stans”. Stands for those who aren't privy to the terminology, are the most dedicated of all. Some notable stars with persistent stans are Harry Styles, and Timothee Chalamet.

Toxic Fanbases?

ImEzraMiller/ Instagram

At times these fan bases have been labeled as toxic. It kind of makes sense that this assumption would be drawn because of how unhealthy it is to be so obsessed with a celebrity outside of the age of 16. After that moment in life people aren't banned from enjoying the music of their favorite musicians, or even having one poster of their most beloved actor hanging up in their room, but loving your life for someone you’ve never met can't be beneficial.



Also. the saying “never meet your heroes'' was created for a reason. Believing in the idea of someone over the reality of who they actually are in their day to day lives can be heartbreaking when potentially meeting them one day. As humans the probability of not maintaining the exact energy one has on stage, or in a television show is likely. So, that's another piece of proof as to why no one should put their hopes and dreams into a public figure. Not to mention a situation like the one with Ezra Miller arising.

A Bizarre Confrontation

Gettyimages | MirageC

Just yesterday a video resurfaced of Ezra Miller having a bizarre confrontation with a fan. While watching this video you're bound to cringe because of how confusing the scene is. A step by step breakdown of the situation basically starts from here. Ezra Miller and the fan in question look to be in some public setting, whether it was a store or somewhere else is yet to be established. Ezra then proceeds to say, “you wanna fight” and then puts his hands around her neck putting her down to the ground. Whether the fan and Ezra had a comical understanding or not it all seems quite perplexing.

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