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Kate Middleton and Prince William in black tie

Kate Middleton and Prince William: The Last Straw Before Their 2007 Split
By danyellmarshall

Kate Middleton and Prince William are a royal couple that many aspire to emulate. The two of them seem to be deeply in love and share a beautiful young family with three precious children. Though they seem to be living a fairytale now, things were not always perfect for the royal pair. William and Kate have split up twice before they were married. One split nearly ended their relationship permanently when the prince was allegedly spotted out with other women.

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A Racy Begining

Kate Middleton and Prince William in black tie

Prince William met his future wife in a mundane and wholesome way but it was the event that sparked their romance that scandalized fans. The pair met at school and became fast friends with many things in common. Once they attended college together at St. Andrews one event cemented the prince's romantic interests. Kate modeled for a charity fashion show and walked the runway in a sheer lace dress and black panties. The prince was immediately smitten with young Kate.

A Promising Young Romance

A young Kate Middleton and Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton dated each other for years during their years at college and shortly after. Despite the young age of the couple they got surprisingly serious and close very quickly. William and Kate even spent time with each other's families. As many young couples do, William and Kate experienced a few hiccups. The couple split up in 2004 while they were still in school but found ways to work through their issues and got back together again.

A Serious Split

William and Kate in formal wear

After the pair graduated in 2005 many assumed they were on the fast track to announcing an engagement and planning a wedding. Many royal couples get married shortly after meeting and Kate and William had been together for years. William was stationed outside of London and began to drift away from Kate. Prince William and Kate Middleton suffered another split in 2007. This one seemed much more serious and many fans of the couple wondered what could have driven them apart.

Allegations Of Inappropriate Behavior

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry

After the couple quickly recovered from their split in 2004 many wondered why the 2007 split seemed different. It seems Prince William was spotted on a night out, surrounded by women. It's alleged that Prince William was seen inappropriately touching another woman while he was out on the town. Another was heard making flirtatious remarks. shortly after Kate and William were split up and things were looking grim for the lovely young couple. The future was uncertain for Kate and William.

Happily Ever After

Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day surrounded by their attendants

Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be meant to be. Despite the allegations of inappropriate behavior and rumors of an affair William and Kate still tied the knot in a traditional British royal wedding. The pair are two of the most beloved royals on the earth. They appear happy as they've gone on to build a life together. They have three beautiful children and are frequently photographed smiling with their young family. The splits were merely bumps along the way.

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