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Eva Marcille poses for a photo.

Eva Marcille Claps Back At NeNe Leakes

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett
By Allie Elaine

The feud between 'RHOA's' Eva Marcille and NeNe Leakes seems to be intensifying by the minute. After Leakes openly called for her firing from the show, Marcille is now fighting back...quarantine style. Being that Leakes has had a rough season filled with fights and feuds with nearly every other cast member, it is no surprise that she is having these issues with Marcille. In addition to calling for Marcille to get the axe, Leakes recently said that Kenya Moore also deserved to go.

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NeNe Leakes/Instagram

Given Leakes' and Moore's constant fighting, many fans were surprised that it was Marcille that Leakes through under the bus in a recent interview with 'Entertainment Tonight'.

Leakes started off her criticism by saying, "It's been a lot of things that have been unfair throughout this entire season...The rules don't apply to everyone, in my opinion. The rules are very one-sided. And, once again, I feel like, if I’m doing something, there’s a much brighter light shined on it; and they do much worser things to each other."

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Leakes then said, "We have a great cast right now except for one person, I think. I think only one person on this cast doesn't seem to have carried any weight this season. And I think that’s very obvious who that person is, and I don’t think they actually sit in the cast that well." After being pushed by the interviewer to provide the public with a name, Leakes let it be known that she was in fact referring to Marcille.

Eva Marcille/Instagram

"I don’t feel like Eva brings that much to the cast,” Leakes said. “I’m just being honest. It’s really like, when you look at a show like, everybody -- like the whole cast -- is away, and you don’t miss the person at all, it's sort of like, we didn’t even know you were here, you know? And all season, doing a lot of scenes from FaceTime, that’s been the last couple of seasons … So, If I had to change, I would change her."

NeNe Leakes/Instagram

Marcille then responded to the comments on Instagram Live with class and honesty, saying, "I’m a 35-year-old woman with my family and beautiful husband,” Marcille said on Instagram Live. “As far as my relevance on the show, I choose not to… every single day be ratchet, there is already enough ratchet, i.e. her, on the show. Why do you need two? I do me, and represent the other part of Black women that are smart … well-spoken. That’s who I represent. So, if I’m that boring, you spent time in your interview talking about me because your storyline is the fact that you have no storyline."

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